Lottery Charity Funding: Winners Who Gave Back

Everyone has a dream and a plan for winning the lottery; what they would do with their winnings, whether it be to go on a dream vacation, buy a new house, get a fancy sports cars, pay off debt, or any one of a number of fantasies. But have you ever thought about giving back? Sure, we all make plans to help out friends and family, but what about helping someone you don’t know? Would you donate your winnings to charity? Would you quit your job so you can focus on volunteering, or would you create your own charity to help others? Lottery charity funding is a great way for winners to give back to the causes that matter most to them.  

As we weather the storm of the coronavirus together, our thoughts are naturally turning to the more vulnerable members of our community. How can we help them, how can we support them? And what would we do if we had the resources to make a big impact on our community? Read on to learn how some lottery winners put their windfall to use to help those in need.

Donating It All Away

There are many different lotteries all across the globe; some raise money for charity, some for public works projects, some to help the government with special projects, and for every lottery, there are different stories of winners and how they spend their windfall. 

Quite a few stories exist of lottery winners donating some of their earnings to charity. In the case of Tom Crist, when he won in 2013, he donated all of his winnings to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, which collects donations on behalf of Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre, in honor of his late wife. His wife had died the previous year of lung cancer, which she had been battling for several years. As soon as he received the phone call that he had won, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He didn’t tell anyone for six months though, not even his family or friends, wanting to keep it a secret as long as possible.

In 2019, the biggest cash payout jackpot in US history was won by a South Carolina woman. The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, decided to donate a portion of her winnings to the Alabama Red Cross in order to assist local tornado relief efforts In addition she donated funds to several other charities that were important to her including a fund established for Hurricane Florence relief efforts. She too remained quiet about her winnings until after she had done her research about lottery charity funding, wealth management, and the options she had to remain anonymous. 

In 2000, a UK couple from Sheffield purchased a lottery ticket from their local supermarket and won £7.6m. Instead of keeping the funds to themselves, they decided to donate a total of £5.5m to seventeen different local charities. They also sold their council home at a steep discount to first time buyers, and were able to fund reunion trips for war veterans. 

Quitting Day Jobs and Creating Foundations

Not all winners opt to simply donate their funds and be done with it, however. One Canadian nurse decided to quit her job to start her own charity. The money that she won (CA$1,000 a week for life) goes towards the administrative fees necessary to keep the charity running. The rest of the funds raised by the organization provides assistance to homeless individuals in Quebec. She also frequently makes relief trips to India to offer assistance where she can. 

A family from New Jersey, USA was able to share the benefits of the lottery and decided to start their own foundation (after paying off their bills). This mom and her seven kids chose to start a foundation with the aim of offering grants to those living in their hometown, in order to better their lives. 

Some winners find lottery charity funding to be a great way to share their windfall with others and give back to the community that has supported them. For others, their donations are more personal. But remember, you don’t have to be a lottery winner to help your community. There are many ways to help the vulnerable in your community. We encourage you to check in on any neighbours who are elderly and disabled, donate to your local soup kitchen, and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Play The Health Lottery online, stay safe, and take inspiration from these giving, resourceful winners.

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