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The most interesting lotteries of all time

Over the past few decades, worldwide lotteries have created thousands of millionaires. But what would you buy with your mega-millions if you won the lottery? Join us as we explore the biggest lottery winners from around the world. How much did they win, and what they did they do with their winnings?


Biggest lottery jackpot of all time

On January 13, 2016, a historic $1.586 billion USD Powerball made three winners $533 million (before taxes) richer. But what did the three winning families do with their newfound fortune?


David Kaltschmidt, 56, and Maureen Smith, 71, a couple from Florida, took home a $328 million lump sum - the biggest Powerball jackpot in history. Despite winning hundreds of millions of dollars and becoming part of the US super-elite, this low key family barely changed anything about their everyday lives. When asked what the pair had been spending their winnings on, Smith gushed, “oh nothing exciting”, but we’re not sure we believe that!


The couple happily reside in their $300,000 Florida home and even continue to play Powerball, even though they could buy a whole fleet of cars and boats to sit in Florida’s most exclusive marinas. The most expensive thing the modest couple splashed out on was a $90,000 car. But while they have yet to make a dent in their huge fortune, would you be so conservative with your cash if you were the lucky owner of over a quarter of a billion dollars?


The answer for John and Lisa Robinson was no! This Munford, Tennessee, couple did not waste any time when starting to spend their cash. Within six months they had purchased a stunning 8-bedroom, $6.2 million dollar home that comes with a movie theatre, 320 acres of land and a private lake. While Mrs. Robinson has since quit her job to enjoy the lavish life afforded to her, Mr. Robinson maintains they are “common people” claiming “We’re just like y’all”. Nice try Mr Robinson! Unfortunately, not all of us has a spare $328 million.


One couple that does, however, is Marvin (40) and Mae (41) Acosta; the third prize-winning couple in that record-breaking $1.586 billion Powerball. Marvin and Mae have used their hundreds of millions to help support charitable organizations around the world through their Acosta Foundation. This California couple paid off the outstanding $570,000 on their mortgage, before turning their hands and wallets to charity. Mr Acosta revealed his life “had to change because it's so much money”, but, he continued, “it will not change my heart.” With that kind of money, we are sure they will have a positive impact on many people's lives. But what would you do with that kind of money? Visit The Health Lottery today and have your chance to win!


Top lottery-money purchases

While the safest option after winning the lottery is to save and invest, there’s little harm in treating yourself and your loved ones with some your winnings. Plenty of winners are pretty secretive about what they plan to do with their winnings, but many are not. Here are some of our top purchases by Lottery winners from around the world.


A dream home tends to be at the top of many winners’ lists, but some live by the saying “memories over money”. Nigel Willetts is one of those people. The pub landlord, who faced 13,000,000-to-one odds when he won £1 million, traded  the chance of a mansion for over a dozen plane tickets. He treated 13 members of his family to a holiday to Florida. Willetts followed up this once-in-a-lifetime trip by travelling to Mexico, Las Vegas and Dubai. Anybody else have major holiday envy right now?


But after you’ve brought your dream home, or travelled the world, what would your next purchase be? For some, it’s a new designer wardrobe. That is exactly what Vivian Nicholson, who won big on Britain's football pools in 1961, spent her fortune on. Nicholson won £152,300 which is £3 million (GBP) in today’s money. Nicholson proceeded to spend her winnings on luxurious trips around Europe and the US, dressing herself in haute couture. This lady travelled in style. Today however, though her wardrobe is bountiful, but her purse is empty.


Our final top lottery purchase makes a big splash. After winning $28.7 million in 2011, John and Linda Kutey donated a colossal $200,000 of their winnings to build a water park in both of their parents’ honour. This unique and thoughtful purchase is called Spray Park and can be found in the United States, Green Island, New York. One of the best lottery purchases we have ever heard about!


We all catch ourselves dreaming of what we would spend our lottery fortunes on, if we were lucky enough to win big. And after exploring the world’s biggest lottery winners, and the best lottery purchases, it’s clear that dreams can become reality. You just have to be in it to win it, so take a chance today with The Health Lottery.