Will Online Lottery Rules Change in a Post-Brexit World?

One need only glance at the news to see numerous pieces debating what post-Brexit life will look like. People have many questions about trade, travel, and more. But even small, day-to-day things bring up concerns. For instance, will our departure from the EU change how you can play the lottery? This is one topic you can relax about! In-person and online lottery rules will not change. You can still buy The Health Lottery tickets in a store, online, or in our app.

Your Favourite Lottery and Games Aren’t Going Away

The best Great British lotteries are going to stay the same. You’ll still be able to buy tickets, set up direct debit, and enjoy instant games like QuickWin and scratch games. Casino-style games will remain the same, too, so if you enjoy playing online bingo and slots on our sister site, Health Games, you’re in luck!

The Taxman is Staying Away

While Brexit may lead to a need to find new ways of funding some things, your lottery winnings will still be safe from the taxman. Because lottery providers like The Health Lottery pay a tax, you do not need to pay taxes on lottery winnings. What you win is what you get!

Lotteries Will Continue to Support the Community

While playing the lottery is a fun pastime, fun isn’t its only purpose. Charity lotteries support important programs within the community. With funds from The Health Lottery, Peoples Health Trust supports initiatives which support mental and emotional well-being in communities all over Great Britain.

Whether Brexit ultimately turns out to improve the overall quality of life in Great Britain, these mental and emotional health challenges will remain. We are committed to continuing to provide local charities with the funding they need to support the community through whatever is to come.

Some charities which previously received funding through the EU may now find themselves in need of new sources of revenue. It will be more important than ever for local organisations to receive local support. Keep an eye on your favourite charities in your community to see if they put out renewed calls for donations.

Will Online Lottery Rules Change for the Better?

Right now, most lawmakers are focused on the pressing issues of Brexit and COVID-19. Online lottery rules are probably not at the forefront of anyone’s mind as they consider their priorities for 2021. However, we remain optimistic that things can only get better for lotteries and their players. It may be time to consider increasing society lottery jackpot limits, in order to allow smaller lotteries to raise more money for the community initiatives they support.

We’re optimistic for the future and we look forward to continuing to serve our players as we step into our new post-Brexit world. Whether you like to buy a ticket at your local shop or play every draw through direct debit, you’ll find that you still enjoy the same great experience you’ve always had.

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