Stay Home and Play Bingo Online!

With the world gone temporarily quiet, you may be missing the social interaction you once enjoyed just a few short months ago. Getting together with your mates to go down to your favourite hang out, enjoying a run through the park with a friend, or even going down to the local bingo hall might seem like long distant memories, but did you know that you can play bingo online on the Health Lottery sister site, Health Games? Even better, you can still enjoy the social aspect of playing in person with online bingo rooms, while supporting the NHS.

Online Bingo, a Fantastic Social Gambling Game

Maybe you haven’t given bingo a chance since you were little, or maybe you enjoy going down to the local bingo hall every week to have a flutter. Either way, there is sure to be something for everyone in one of our online bingo rooms. As an added bonus, when you play online, you are helping health related charities that are more reliant than ever upon your contributions.

If you are new to online gambling, and online social interactions, bingo is a great place to start. It is much the same gameplay online as it is in person, with the added bonus of having multiple versions to choose from. Players will still get to experience all of the excitement of going through their card, the build up as numbers are called out, and the elation when someone gets a winning row. Much of the same excitement and in-person game play easily transfers to online play, making this the perfect online game to try with your friends new, old, or maybe even some you haven't met yet!

Many Bingo Rooms to Choose From

When it comes to online game play, players have multiple options to choose from. Whether you want to try your hand at winning free bingo tickets in The Big £10,000, or maybe one the many themed bingo rooms such as Sunny 90s, Roller Coaster, Bingo Roulette, or Magical Mondays, you are sure to find something. Plus, with many different rooms to play, there is almost sure to be a room and game you can enter, day or night. Games like Big Fat 10 have games going from 4pm until midnight, while High 5 goes from 7am until 11:59pm. Other games are being shared with GC2, such as WOW and BOUNCE’T.  No matter what you fancy, there is sure to be a bingo room sure to please. Also, by playing Bingo through Health Games, you can also rest assured that your charitable gambling is going to support physical and mental health charities across the UK, as 20% of your first deposit is matched by The Health Lottery Limited as a donation to charity.  

It is important to maintain social distancing during this global pandemic to ensure the health and safety of everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t socialize digitally while having fun and playing online games. Why not try your hand and play bingo online? You can play with old friends, or you may just make some new online friends while you test your luck with one of the easiest forms of online gambling. Either way, it’s a fun way to get social while staying safe! Health Games does not form part of the scheme operated by The Health Lottery Limited on behalf of the 12 society lotteries.

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