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The biggest lotto winner success stories

We've all heard the stories about lotto winners who lost it all – the short-lived millionaire sprees, peppered with an ill judgement that end in bankruptcy, jail time or worse.

Fortunately, not all lottery wins end in horror stories. Some winners have resisted the urge to splurge and have made their millions even more, while others’ generosity has had a life-changing effect on people’s lives. Below are six of the best online lottery winner stories that prove winning the lottery can be a blessing.. If you are dreaming of being the next big online lotto winner these stories may inspire you in deciding how to spend your money when you do hit that win.


Mark Brudenell won £916,915 in February 1997

Mark, a chemical tanker driver at the time of his win, and his wife, Cheryl, manager of a local bakery, could only dream of having a business of their own before their win. But in February 1997, it all changed when they scooped close to a million pounds in the lottery. They used a majority of their winnings to set up their own double glazing business, which they have been running successfully for more than a decade. Winning the lottery has set the couple up for life and enabled them to steer their lives in a new direction.


Roy Gibney won £7,500,000 in July 1998

Roy was a sheet metal worker nearing retirement when he became a £7,5-million lotto winner. His win enabled him to quit the workforce and start his own sheet metal company in partnership with a friend and ex-colleague. He has also invested in a number of properties in Grimsby, Nairn as well as a luxury villa in Cyprus. With all the good things in his life, Roy felt the need to give back and has supported many charities in running fishing days and dressing up as Father Christmas for the local hospital.


Eloise Heard won £1,346,840 in December 2011

Colchester-bred Eloise Heard became one of the UK’s richest teenagers when she won over £1 million. The down-to-earth nineteen-year old, who was working in Co-Op at the time of her win, has used her windfall to build her mobile beauty business, while her husband David, has set up an online toy company. They are both working hard to grow their businesses and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having financial security at such a young age.


Deana Sampson won £5,439,681 in October 1996

Deana, a mom of two, was working as a mobile hairdresser when over £5 million fell into her lap. Living with her husband in a council house at the time, and struggling to make ends meet, she grabbed the opportunity to turn their lives around. She knew that she had to make the money work for her and her family, so, putting her business savvy to work, she invested in an online lingerie business, as well as the bar and restaurant industry. Her smart investments have earned her a sizable rental property portfolio, which includes a holiday home in Florida!


Dean Allen won £13,861,061 in August 2000

Dean was 26 and working as a printer when his stars lined up and nearly £14 million came his way. He immediately swapped his Ford Fiesta for a Porsche and shortly after married his girlfriend, Louise, who he had been seeing for three months. The couple has used the win to help many charities close to their heart. They have bought much needed equipment for the special care baby unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital, as well as a heart and lung machine for London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green. They have also made a generous donation to the Little Haven Hospice in Southend. Although there have been amazing personal experiences, which includes ice racing in Finland, Dean maintains that the most rewarding part of his win has been able to help his family and support charities close to his heart.


Karen Child won £8,471,383 in February 2007

Karen was juggling the busy life of a single mother and working as a checkout assistant at her local Tesco in Clowne, when her lucky day arrived in 2007. With three mouths to feed, Karen immediately gave up work to make a better life for her children. Her ambitious business ventures have made her owner of two local bars, which her family members help to run, while she has also financially supported local sports teams. Today, she is director and shareholder of the Sheffield Sharks Basketball team. Her very latest project is the establishment of The Child Foundation that supports local children and families.