What is the Best Online Lottery Site Doing to Make December Amazing?

They say it’s better to give than receive, but we think there’s joy to be found in both. That’s why for the month of December, we’re hosting a bonus raffle. Every time you purchase an online lottery ticket for one of our regular draws, you’ll also be entered into a raffle for a special prize. What is the best online lottery site giving away? Read on for more details.

Great Prizes for a Great December

We have five lottery draws a week, and that means five bonus prizes! Each day, a different prize.

Every Tuesday, players will have the chance to win an Apple bundle, which includes an Apple Watch Series 6 and a pair of AirPods.

Wednesdays bring the chance for a Playstation 5 and three games of your choice.

On Thursdays, we’re giving away Love2Shop vouchers worth £1,000 to be spent at your favourite high street shops.

Friday’s special prize is £1,000 cash, as simple as that.

And on Saturday, the prize is an F&M Christmas Feast Hamper full of delicious food.

To be entered into the raffle, you simply have to play lotto online via The Health Lottery website or mobile app. Every time you buy a ticket, you’ll be entered into the raffle associated with that draw. Check the lotto results and prize breakdown to see what the winning numbers are for each draw!

It’s Fun to Give and Receive

We enjoy awarding our players with prizes! It’s wonderful to see how winning the lottery can improve someone’s life, and how even a small prize from a scratch game can brighten your day. Our December raffles are our way of creating a little extra holiday cheer.

After all, isn’t it fun to win a prize? Especially something like a brand-new Playstation 5 and some exciting games! Shoppers are having a hard time getting their hands on this hot new console, but this month our players will have their chance to settle down with a new system and play Cyberpunk 2077, Bugsnax, or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. From new gadgets to holiday feasts, the prizes we’ve chosen are meant to give their winners something special.

Of course, if you do win, it’s up to you whether to give or receive! Will you keep the prize for yourself, or give it to a loved one as an extra-special holiday gift? There’s no wrong choice. This is the season to find opportunities to give and receive, and to take joy in both.

What is the Best Online Lottery Site Going to Do Next?

With 2021 just around the corner, you can continue to expect great things from The Health Lottery. The new year will bring new scratch games, more stories highlighting the good causes supported by People’s Health Trust, and more.

When people ask “What is the best online lottery site?” we want the answer to be obvious! The Health Lottery will settle for nothing less than being your favourite place to buy lottery tickets and play scratch games.

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