I Won The Health Lottery!: Meet Our Winners

Ever wondered what it would feel like to win The Health Lottery? Well have a watch of this to see what our winners have to say about it!

Stephen from Hertford bagged himself £10,000 and planned to go on holiday with his wife Julie.

“Get in!” was Julie’s response when she found out about his win.

Iris from Borehamwood felt herself get a “lift” after scooping a tidy £25,000.

Christine from Chorley won herself a whopping £69,512, describing her experience of winning as “a fairy story”.

Stephen added some final words for any prospective Health Lottery players stating:

“I would encourage anyone to go out and buy a Health lottery ticket. You’ve a very good chance of winning and it helps lots of good causes.”

There have been over 6.3 million Health Lottery winners since launch and over £117 million has been paid out in prizes. Could you be next?

Play today for your chance to win up to £100,000. The Health Lottery operates in over 32,000 retailers throughout GB, play online at www.healthlottery.co.uk or download the app and play on mobile or tablet.

Read more about our Health Lottery Winners.

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