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What would you do if you had an extra £2k a month? Does that sound like a dream come true? Well that dream could be a reality after playing one of the best online scratch cards from The Health Lottery! 

Cooking and Classes

So just what could you do with an extra £2k every month? The short answer is: plenty! If you enjoy eating takeout, then what about sharing the love? With the average meal cost of £20 per meal, you could surprise 100 of your friends and family with delivery meals one night. What a great way to support your favourite local restaurants and treat your loved ones. If you don’t know 100 people you’d like to treat, you could also institute “Takeout Fridays” where you kick off the weekend by ordering meals for 15-20 people every week and enjoy a fun remote dinner party with video calls. Or surprise the staff at your local hospital or care facility with a fresh hot meal.

Another option, if takeout isn’t your style, would be to hire a personal chef. This would allow you to free up some time at home, while enjoying a home cooked meal and at an average cost of £250 per week, you would still have funds to spare. If you happen to enjoy cooking and want to expand your repertoire, then what about taking cooking classes every week? 

Speaking of classes, if you ever had a hobby or passion that you wanted to pursue, but never had the means to do so, then by playing lottery games for real money, you could finally follow that dream! You could very well learn to sew the quilt you’ve been talking about, take a photography or art class, or maybe even pick up a few dancing lessons. Maybe you have always wanted to take a few classes at the university, but never had the spare funds to do so? Another great option would be to use the winnings to take classes that can help you excel in your current job, helping you gain invaluable skills that could help you move up the corporate ladder. If you are looking for something a bit more family oriented, what about classes or sports for the entire family? You might even be able to start working on some of the home improvements you have been holding off on due to a lack of funds or knowledge. 

Fun Indulgences for You and Your Friends

If you are thinking that those are all really great ideas, but you want to do something a bit less responsible or reasonable, never fear. After all, this is an unexpected windfall, why not enjoy it? Luxury items are also fun to consider when you are playing best chance lottery games. Maybe you like to collect designer handbags, couture, or shoes. If so, you could splurge and buy yourself something every month, or even several smaller items. 

You could also make car payments for you and four of your mates every month, with an average cost of £388 per month per vehicle. How fun would it be for you and your best friends to have matching cars? 

If material items aren’t your preference, but experiences and memories are, then think about all of the travel options that are suddenly open to explore with an extra £2k every month for a year. You could spend the year making memories, trying new things, exploring the world and expanding your little corner of it. 

Even if splurging and indulgence aren’t your style, there are still great options like tucking your winnings away and starting a savings account for a rainy day or a big purchase later on down the line, or you could even donate your winnings to a charity or charities of your choice. 

With the best online scratch cards, the Health Lottery has you covered, no matter what your dream is.

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