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Online charity raffle website with a guaranteed jackpot

Don’t miss out on a chance of winning with the Health Lottery’s charity raffle which takes place on the first of each month, with a prize of £250,000 guaranteed to be won by one person. Players will be given the chance to win this exciting prize while knowing that 20% of their ticket price goes to help tackle health inequality in England, Scotland, and Wales.

It is incredibly easy to get involved in the Mega Raffle. Simply take part in the Health Lottery’s main lottery draw, by buying tickets online or at one of 32,000 retailers, and for each £1 line of numbers purchased you will be entered automatically into the Mega Raffle for that month, which will be drawn on the first of the following month (so tickets for lottery draws taking place in May will earn you raffle tickets for the drawing on June 1st). 

Players have an opportunity to win this life-changing windfall and at the same time contribute towards much-needed health initiatives in England, Scotland, and Wales. Entering the charity raffle with the Health Lottery provides a huge boost to the efforts of local charities. Raising crucial funding in this way helps to tackle many issues that affect thousands of people. This ensures that more can be done to help grassroots health and wellness charities in communities like yours. 

Who benefits when you play the charity raffle?

Since its launch in 2011 money raised through The Health Lottery has supported over 2,900 projects and initiatives. Thanks to your participation by earning charity raffle entry from your charity lottery ticket purchase, these organizations can provide support and assistance to individuals who are experiencing inequalities in health, wellness, and the community interaction that can improve quality of life.

For example, recently the Asian Resource Centre of Croydon was awarded £38,900 via People’s Health Trust from funds raised through Health Lottery London West. This money was put towards a two-year Visible Elders Project. Through this project, Asian elders in north Croydon gain access to everything from Tai Chi and yoga classes to coffee mornings where they can socialize with their peers from different Asian communities. These programs support both the physical and mental health of their participants. You can read more about the Visible Elders project here.    

The Health Lottery consists of five draws per week, giving you ample opportunities to try your lucky numbers for the best chance of winning money, whether it’s the £25k jackpot from one of the lottery draws or the £250k mega raffle prize. How easy is that? And you also get to enjoy that feel-good sensation that comes from helping to fund local projects for elders, teens, and underserved populations. 

Easy to check results on the Online Charity Raffle Website

The Mega Raffle has generated a great deal of excitement with one lucky winner taking home £250k every month. Checking your results is also very easy to do online. Just visit the online charity raffle website, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, to check your numbers and also search for backdated results. If you are a winner, claim your prize and proceed to book that holiday or whatever else you have been dreaming of! 

We make it easy to enter the Mega Raffle, as players are automatically entered into the monthly charity lottery raffle when they purchase regular lottery tickets online or at a retailer. 

The Health Lottery is committed to tackling health inequality in Great Britain. Players like you have enabled us to support over 2,900 health-related charities in Great Britain and together over £108million has been raised! Simon Cowell, best known for his role as a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor, recently hosted a celebration where charity workers came together to receive justified recognition for the good work they do. Play Health Lottery and help to raise more money to support these great organizations.

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