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Top Tips for Playing Lottery or Online Scratch Cards

Picking the best odds to win at the lottery or scratch cards depends upon a bevy of factors, but bear in mind there is no guaranteed or unique approach. 

Playing lottery and scratch cards is fun; a light-hearted dabble with an exciting chance of winning a prize. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, and the beauty of these games is their level playing field where players are not required to possess any particular mathematical skill or specialist gambling knowledge to play.  

Of course, there have been instances of extreme methods used by people to achieve the highest jackpot wins. 

Take Stefan Mandel, who in the 1980s won the lottery a staggering 14 times! Mandel spent hours and hours studying complex algorithms and strategies to produce the perfect set of winning lottery numbers. He did what many of us think is impossible by using a colossal team of investors and a room full of computers and printing machines, then purchasing every single combination of lottery lines to guarantee a win. 

His strategy flies against the ethos of charity lottery providers and ultimately resulted in the demise of certain lottery organisations. The modern lottery has evolved today so that this method of “covering every single combination” is unachievable, especially in light of charity lottery rules prohibiting certain kinds of behaviour that are tantamount to cheating.

Most important is to have fun when playing lottery or scratch cards

Luckily, most people who have played the lottery for decades understand that the best approach to winning the lottery is to take part, that favourite old maxim “you have to be in it to win it” is downright accurate!  

However, part of the fun is to test different strategies and experiment with proven research methods on ways to maximise the opportunity to win a cash prize.  

Whether you are playing lottery or scratch cards, there are some important rules to remember. Firstly, ensure you play responsibly. Keep in mind a budget that you can afford, and stick to it, as the temptation to purchase tickets can be overwhelming, especially when lottery fever and jackpots are running high.  

Keep the emphasis on having fun, remembering Thomas Jefferson’s view of the lottery as being an opportunity to “spend a small sum” with “the possibility of a higher prize…”

When all around are losing their heads over the mega lottery prizes, offering extremely long odds, set your sights on the lower prizes, where the chance of success is higher. The big prize lotteries involve a huge pool of players from around the globe, where you will be one of the many millions standing a chance at winning the ultimate prize.

Identify lottery or scratch cards with better winning odds 

Instead, look around for the smaller country or regional lottery organisers that offer lower, but still very attractive, prizes, with corresponding higher odds due to the smaller pool of players. Alternatively, play spin off games offering better odds such as hot picks or second chance.  

If you do have your eye on the bigger prizes, look to join a syndicate or start your own syndicate as the more players playing together, the better the odds at winning that eye watering multi roll over figure, even if it does mean sharing the prize fund.  

Further advice from expert lottery players is to play all the numbers rather than limiting yourself to common lucky numbers, favourite birth dates or child ages. For example, if the numbers in the draw go up to 40, you need to ensure you play all these numbers, and play the numbers nobody else likes such as unlucky 13 to get a better chance of drawing unique winning numbers.

When it comes to playing online scratch cards, there are numerous tactics and methods, not to mention a whole array of virtual cards to choose, including various designs, layouts, prices, and formulas. This new style of game is increasingly popular, as people find that it provides a similar experience to traditional paper scratch cards, but with an added layer of fun.

How do you buy lottery tickets online? Ensure you research the rules! The best online lottery games will include rules! For online scratch cards, each game will include rules and an explanation of how to play the game, which prizes are available, the win rate, and the return for the player. Examining a few cards will let you choose the one which seems like the most fun or the one with the best and shortest odds. 

Some expert players recommend going for newly launched games with special launch offers and the higher priced cards offering lower odds but greater prizes.

Ultimately, the results are in the hands of fate, but the fun element is the excitement surrounding that possibility of being the fortunate one, and history shows, it can happen!

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