Instant scratch cards can now be played online

Online Scratch Cards & Instant Win Games

Online instant scratch cards are an excellent way to play an instant win game. They are based on traditional scratch-off cards, with long-established themes and games that are recognised and loved by millions of people. Here at The Health Lottery, we have a wide range of scratch cards you can buy online.

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Scratch Card History

Did you know that electronic scratcher games have been around since the 1970s? It’s believed they were invented by a group of American computer scientists who came up with the idea. The first instant scratch-off tickets went on sale in 1987, and now, you can easily access them online via your computer or mobile device almost anywhere.

Online scratch games are inspired by the classic scratch cards, where you would scratch away the covering to reveal an image. When playing online, you are often given a virtual coin which you can scratch the card with. This will usually be done by clicking and dragging the mouse. For those who prefer, you can also “reveal all” to see what you have won, without the fun of scratching each element.


Why Play Online Scratch Cards?

The online version offers very similar features and characteristics when compared to traditional scratch cards. However, the online versions allow for greater interaction and engagement – ultimately, making the games even more fun! There are a wide variety of scratch card games on offer at The Health Lottery, with vibrant graphics, fun sound effects, and entertaining animations.

Games often include common sporting favourites turned into scratch cards, such as Cheltenham Champions, where the object of the game is to match 3 of the same cash values. If you do reveal 3 of the same, you will win that amount. There is a top prize of £20,000 waiting to be uncovered!


Seasonable and Themed Instant Scratch Cards

Enjoy the seasonally themed instant scratch cards with games to celebrate special events such as Easter and lucky St. Patrick’s Day. Try your hand at many of the casino favourites such as 777 and Casino, which are extremely interactive and immersive. There are a lot of exciting options to explore.

Blackjack Scratch provides the opportunity to play in a unique way. During the game, you will play against a dealer, and you scratch to reveal your cards. This game takes players a step further into their typical scratch card experience by allowing them to use the plus and minus controls to adjust increase the size of the stake. With great prizes to win, this game is particularly exciting for a beginner or advanced card player.

Also available are scratch cards based on some of the most beloved TV shows. For example, the game Who Wants to Be a Millionaire which is based on the hit series. In the scratch card version of this game, you have an opportunity to match symbols and unlock multipliers.

In the world of online scratch cards, there are so many themes to explore.


Fun Games and Great Prizes

With a wide range of prices to suit every budget, easy payment options, great odds, and amazing prizes, there really is something to entertain and excite everyone. Online scratch cards are quick and easy - with unlimited access to your favourite games and instant wins available when you buy online.

Many scratch card games require no previous knowledge or skill to win. However, each game gives detailed information that you can find directly on our website. Simply locate the game you would like to play and head to the menu. We also offer demo versions of most games which allows you to learn the ins and outs before spending money.

Similar to bingo, online instant scratch cards are completely random in nature making each game exciting! Of course, winning is pure chance, but the games themselves are fun.

Scratch cards are considered, by many, to be the best instant win games to play. Are you ready to play? Simply register and log in to access the wide range of scratch card games from The Health Lottery and other fun instant win games on The Health Games site. Most importantly, only spend what you can afford to lose and have fun.

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