Lotto, Scratch Cards, Game Shows: What's the Best Way to Win Money?

Have you ever sat there and thought about all the different ways you could win money? There are many options out there, some of which rely on chance, and others on skill. One of the most common ways to try to win money is to take part in a lottery draw or play lotto scratch cards, but there are many other fun options to consider as well. Let’s look at the pros and cons of a few of them.

Playing Lotto or Scratch Cards

Pros: It’s fun and easy to play the lottery. You can play online or purchase tickets at the shopWhen it comes to lotto scratch cards, there are many options available for different budgets, and the online versions have exciting graphics and game play styles. The lottery is always available. You can choose to wait for a specific draw, or play a scratch card to try to win some lottery prize money. Lotteries raise money for charity and they are very affordable to participate in.

Cons: The main downside of the lottery is that whether or not you win is entirely up to chance.

Entering a Charity Raffle

Pros: Much like the lottery, charity raffles raise significant money for good causes. Sometimes in addition to cash they offer other exciting prizes like houses, cars, holidays abroad, luxury gift baskets, and more. Sometimes the raffles are held live at in-person events, allowing you to feel the excitement in the room as everyone hopes that their number is called.

Cons: Like lotteries, raffles are also entirely left up to chance. The tickets to enter can also be very expensive, especially in raffles with luxury prizes. Raffles tend to be held less frequently than lotteries, too.

Competing on a Game Show

Pros: Unlike lotteries and raffles, game shows give you a chance to influence your own odds. If you’re good at trivia, you might feel pretty confident about your ability to win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? or a similar game show. This is also an attractive option if you’ve always wanted to be on TV!

Cons: Game shows only accept a limited number of contestants. Also, if you lose, people in living rooms all across the country will be shouting the right answer at you. It could be very embarrassing for a few months after.

Solve an Unsolved Math Problem

Pros: You’ll prove once and for all that you are the smartest person in your family, maybe even your town. You’ll have made a permanent contribution to the field of mathematics, possibly having ramifications in other fields as well. Maybe they’ll even name a theorem or something after you.

Cons: These problems are unsolved for a reason! Of the 7 Millenium Prize Problems, 6 remain unsolved. The brightest minds in math have struggled against these. It would take one particularly brilliant person, or a team of brilliant people, to solve one of these problems and claim the cash prize.

You’ll Never Know Until You Try

Whether you’d like to take part in the next lotto draw online or crack one of math’s trickiest puzzles, you can’t win until you try. So choose the option that sounds the most fun to you, and take your chances

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