An older man in stylish clothes and sunglasses holds a coffee cup while playing instant scratch cards on his phone.

Fun Themes for Instant Scratch Cards

It is tough to beat instant scratch cards and other similar games for providing a fun and easy way to have the chance to win money. These instant win games have been a favourite for many years, and today are widely available either from the trustworthy local corner shop or on a secure online website. 

With a variety of exciting themes to choose, this tried and trusted online gaming format continues to please players across the board. Historically the basic instant scratch cards, called Instant Win, first hit the US in the 1970s and required a coin to rub away the metallic overlay to reveal numbers, symbols, or letters hidden beneath. The object was to match these symbols with a printed formula to win prizes including jackpots. 

This notion of scratch cards started as a complimentary game and provided great fun. Hence, it was easy to see why, during the late 1980s, scratch card production was soon underway in the UK and became an instant hit, and before long we had the recognisable scratch cards that we see today. 

The popularity of the simplistic and tactile cards remains today, as there is nothing quite like that feeling of holding something in your hands, scratching away and revealing lines of numbers and symbols and the chance of that winning combination. 

Instant scratch cards are now available as innovative online games

However, the world is continuously changing, especially in this technological revolution, and the popularity of online gaming means that lottery organizations need to keep up with advances in technology, software and web development, and to provide sophisticated and innovative online gaming products as demanded by the playing public. 

A disadvantage of online versus traditional gaming is that some players may be discouraged from venturing online for various reasons, the main one being technophobia. 

Fortunately, for the diehards, the paper scratch card is not going anywhere, and remains to provide the same amount of themes, fun, ease and appeal for those perhaps intimidated by the thought that there is a level of skill required for online versions of the scratch card. 

Those who jump in and take advantage of what is on offer online receive all the benefits of a vast range of games to play with a variety of enjoyable designs and themes. Online games provide extra fun and entertainment due to the interactive elements and animations, lively music and exciting sounds effects.

The online revolution actually retains many old favourites, along with new themes for online scratch cards and other games with instant wins. 

Themes range from casino to sporty, magic and gemstones, to the exciting Spinlotto Scratch. More choices include all-time favourites such as Triple Seven where the players click to hopefully reveal three sevens in a row, followed by a further click to claim whatever random cash prize is hidden. Alternatively, the low cost lucky Super Shamrock scratch card provide excellent odds to win super genuine prizes with rewards varying considerably. 

Smaller instant scratch cards wins are paid directly to your lottery online account

Deciding to buy lottery tickets online provides players with special offers, bonusses and unique features. In addition, there is the advantage of various instant win prizes and instant pay-outs where a winning scratch card pays out smaller cash prizes immediately and directly into a player’s online account, no waiting involved!

Opening a lottery online account is easy; register your details online and provided you meet the correct criteria (for example, you will need a bank account and are required to be over 16) and voila, you will be ready to play in no time at all. Bear in mind that online terms and conditions apply for all players, and it is essential to read these terms and conditions before playing!

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