QuickWin – Lottery draw every 3 minutes!

The Health Lottery QuickWin is a revolutionary way to play lottery when you want, where you want! It’s the first game of its kind with a lottery draw every 3 minutes – day or night. Plus with each draw offering a guaranteed jackpot of £25,000, there is an astonishing £12MILLION up for grabs every day in jackpots alone. Not to mention the other fantastic cash prizes you can win, which start from matching just 1 ball + bonus ball, making every 1 in 6 a winner.

Tickets cost just £1 to play and 20p from every ticket will raise money for health related good causes across Great Britain. The money raised makes a real difference to the lives of thousands of people every day and without players like you this wouldn’t be possible – thank you!

Got 3 minutes to spare? Play The Health Lottery QuickWin now!

The CIC benefitting from all lottery draws this month is Health Lottery South East.

The CIC benefitting from all Instant Win games this month is Health Lottery South East

The Health Lottery is an independent UK lottery which is different from other lotteries. We operate multiple societies, each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and represents a different region of Great Britain. The multiple lottery societies operate on rotation, meaning that every area in England, Scotland and Wales gets a share of the funds raised. By supporting local health causes, The Health Lottery is helping to make a real difference every week to thousands of people across Great Britain. Over £100million has been raised by society lotteries through The Health Lottery and with your support this figure will continue to increase. Please help us to support vital health causes in your community.

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The Health lottery scheme manages 51 society lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain. The 51 society lotteries are run for one specific purpose: Tackling health inequalities in their respective areas.