The Best Lottery Numbers in 2022

Can you believe it? We are halfway through 2022! There have been quite a few lottery draws and big wins already. With the information we have today, can we identify a trend or anything that stands out to help us predict the future in deciding what the best lottery numbers in 2022 are?

Let’s see!

The Best Lottery Numbers to Play at The Health Lottery



If we take a look at the top tips on how to play the lottery, we find that looking to the past can help us predict the future. We can also say, as part of the human experience, if a number hasn’t been picked for a while – it might feel like it’s due. However, it is important to know that, statistically, each number has the same chance of being pulled in each draw.

If we use “if it hasn’t been called recently, it may be overdue” method:

  • The number 2 has only been pulled 5 times
  • The numbers 7 & 46 have only been called 7 times
  • The numbers 34 & 47 have only been pulled 8 times

Could these be the next winning numbers?


The Best Lottery Numbers for the Euro Millions Main Draw


To win the Euro Millions draw you will need to select 5 balls from a pool that includes the numbers 1-50.

At first glance, you can see that the numbers 1-25 have been pulled more frequently than the 26-50 set.

This could tell us 2 things:

  • The numbers 26-50 could be overdue to be pulled
  • However, statistically, the 1-25 set is getting pulled more often

For the biggest prize in the Euro Millions draw, we will also need to match 2 Lucky Stars from a pool of 12 numbers. We will look at this in the next section.


The Best Lottery Numbers for the Euro Millions Lucky Stars




To keep our data clean and concise, we are taking a look at the Lucky Stars numbers separately.

  • The number 1 has only been drawn 2 times
  • The number 6 has been pulled on 9 separate occasions

To receive the big jackpot, you will need to have all 7 numbers correct.


The Best Lottery Numbers for the National Lottery Lotto

For the National Lottery Lotto, you only need 2 winning numbers to get involved in their Lucky Dip prize. For the big jackpot, you will need to match with 6 of the main numbers selected.


As we saw in the EuroMillions draw, there have been significantly more 1-25’s called than the other half. Does this mean they will continue to be drawn this way for the second half of the year?

Unfortunately, we can only use the information we have and hope for the best when picking our numbers!


What Are The Best Lottery Numbers of 2022?


Looking at the 3 examples mentioned above, and omitting the Lucky Stars as they are just 1-12 we have identified that:

  • The number 5 has been pulled 26 times. That is more than any other number
  • The number 8 has been pulled 25 times.
  • The numbers 6, 10 and 26 have been pulled 24 times

When choosing the best numbers, that is entirely up to you. Always play responsibly.

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