How To Play Our Free £100,000 Draw

What is the Free £100,000 Draw?

In addition to the five weekly charity lottery draws there is now a bi-weekly free draw.  These take place every Wednesday and Saturday, for a jackpot of £100,000.

How do I enter?

For each £1 ticket you purchase for a Wednesday or Saturday Health Lottery draw, your numbers will also automatically be entered into the Free £100,000 Draw on that day.  You do not need to take any further action to enter, irrespective of how you purchased your ticket.

You may purchase your tickets online via this website, via a lottery direct debit subscription, or from any of the 30,000 participating retailers. 

Following the main £1 lottery draw on a Wednesday and Saturday, the Health Lottery ball machine will be used to select a second set of winning numbers between 1 and 50 inclusive.

What are my odds of winning?

Your odds of winning a Free £100,000 Draw are the same as your odds of winning a regular Health Lottery jackpot.  These stand at 1 in 2.1 million.

Please note that the jackpot will be shared amongst all those matching 5 numbers.

Where can I find the Free £100,000 Draw results?

The winning numbers of every Free £100,000 Draw are published on the Results page of this website.  They are also sent to the Daily Express, the Daily Star, and the Daily Mirror.

If you have purchased your Health Lottery ticket from a retailer, you will also be able to scan it instore to see if you have won the Free £100,000 Draw.

The Health Lottery is not a single national lottery, but a collection of 12 community lotteries operating under a common brand.  Each operates in rotation for one month, raising money to help tackle health inequalities at a local grassroots level.

See the charity lottery rules for more information.

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