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Get Lottery Tickets Online with Direct Debit

There is little doubt that this new world we live in is heading towards a cashless society. Essentials from ordering groceries, takeaways, music, and playing your favourite lottery draw, are all available with a simple mouse click or touch of the fingertip. We live in a digital society dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution with seamless, cashless payments. The once-fantastical subject matter depicted in science fiction has become a tangible reality.  

While the gaming industry may still be toying in biometrics and artificial intelligence, this is one industry where cash remains a stubborn and steadfast form of payment. However, with the advent of online gaming, the traditional payment infrastructures of Direct Debit and card payments are the most favoured for online gaming, allowing players easy access to get lottery tickets online

Recently one of the Health Lottery’s biggest jackpots was won by an online player. His dedicated monthly lottery game playing paid for by Direct Debit paid off big style, as he never missed a draw and eventually won £250,000 in our monthly charity raffle

Why use Direct Debit to get lottery tickets online?

The beauty of playing online, and setting up a Direct Debit, allows us to get on with the more essential aspects of life. For those of us that love to play so many of the various online games, the convenience of playing and paying online makes this enjoyable pastime even more accessible.  

With the Direct Debit payment option, you need never miss a draw, mislay or damage your ticket, or forget to claim your winnings again as you will be automatically notified.     

But when did the concept of Direct Debit come into existence? We can trace this to ancient Egyptian times. Interestingly, everyday spending money for ancient Egyptians came in the form of harvested grain. They built their secure and convenient storage facilities called granaries, essentially grain banks, for the depositing and storing of valuable harvests. This is incredibly similar to our banking system 2500 years on! 

The grain banks allowed for cashless exchanges in the market places, exchanging much-needed goods and produce, payment being in the form of a receipt presented for the withdrawal of grain from particular granaries. With all records kept and managed at a central banking system in Alexandria, the King would be the one responsible to create mandates for the withdrawal of grain to meet tax, church, and other legal payments.  

In the UK, the birth of modern Direct Debit has interesting links with another type of food, ice cream! Back in the 1960s, a chap named Alastair Hanton first came up with the concept of making business easier for merchants and their customers.  

His idea of a flexible payment system initially named ADT (Automatic Debit Transfer) payments. He later shortened this and substituted the word automatic with the word “direct”, this being a popular word bandied about during the 60s, thus depicting a modern, speedy, and revolutionary payment system. Direct debit gave the bank’s creditors the power automatically to take payments from their client’s bank account. 

Initially, the system was not that popular as you might imagine and breaking through barriers raised by the banks and clients was a huge task. However, gradually banks and consumers began to see the benefits of this system, and stuffy die-hard bankers started to experiment when other competitors were making similar advances, for example, the giro system, applying pressure on them to sit up and take action.  

Lottery direct debits provide a guarantee and protection

Once a Direct Debit Mandate is completed by the customer, the merchant does the rest and payments are taken from the customer bank direct to the merchant bank. The Mandate that is completed by the customer is backed up by something called a “Direct Debit guarantee” which gives robust protection to the customer.  

To get lottery tickets or lotto scratch cards online, you simply need to go onto the website and open your own personal online account and set up a lotto Direct Debit. This process is straightforward, providing your bank accepts an online, paperless Direct Debit instruction.  

If you happen to bank with one of the very few banks that will allow only paper Direct Debit Mandates, this will not prevent you from playing any of the Health Lottery online games for the three weeks approximately that it takes to set up, as debit card payments for this interim period are accepted.

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