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Playing Virtual Lottery Vs Offline Lottery - The Health Lottery

Before the internet swept the globe, the lottery was a very different game. Players hoping to get lucky bought a ticket at a corner shop and waited for the newspaper to see if they had struck gold. Now, the internet has opened up a whole new world for lottery players. You may be wondering, “Can you buy tickets and play lottery online?” The answer is simple. Yes, you can play the virtual lottery in a number of countries and through many companies in the UK. Many of these sites offer regular weekly draws as well as fun instant lotto games. The next question would be, “How do you buy lottery tickets online?” As you continue reading we will give you all the details you need to enjoy playing the internet lottery. Whether you choose to play the lottery online or offline, playing is easier (and more fun) than ever before. Here are the major differences between playing the internet lottery and the offline lottery today.

Opening Hours

Possibly the best part about playing the virtual lottery is the freedom to play from wherever you are in that country or state. It’s no trouble if you’re walking in the park or on your morning commute. You can check your results, buy tickets, play instant lotto games, and manage your account at any hour of the day. Can you buy lottery tickets online at any time? Yes, of course you can! There is always a jackpot to be won.

Buying a Ticket

You can still buy a lottery ticket the traditional way, if you’d like. Just walk into any participating local shop, select your numbers and pay at the counter. All National Lottery and Health Lottery stores are equipped with a Quick Pick machine that randomly selects numbers if you like to leave your numbers up to chance.

Can you buy lottery tickets online? 

Of course, there’s no need to take a trip to the store when you play instant lotto online.

How do you buy lottery tickets online?

It is quite simple. Instead, you can buy a ticket or instant scratch cards with the click of a button. Online players must be over 16, register for an account and enter some basic information including date of birth, debit card information and contact details. Your account will store all your personal information so buying a ticket for the virtual lottery next time will be a breeze.


If you play the lottery, you’ve probably had a vision of winning the jackpot and then losing the winning ticket. Whether you leave it in a black cab, use the ticket as a bookmark and return it to the library, or have your purse snatched on the street, this nightmare is a plot worthy of a Hollywood film. If you’re playing internet lottery, however, there’s no need to keep your ticket under lock and key. Your online account stores a record of all the tickets you purchase and all the numbers you select, so there’s no risk of losing out on your winnings.

Getting the Results

If you have already learned the answer to the questions “Can you buy lotto tickets online?” and “Can you play the lottery online?” and have begun purchasing and playing The Health Lottery you may be wondering how you find the results. If you buy a winning ticket offline and forget to check the numbers, you might never know to claim your prize. With the virtual lottery, however, results are posted on the website, on Facebook and Twitter, and in the newspaper so you have a wide range of ways to find out if you picked the lucky numbers. You can even play instant lotto online, and know immediately if you’ve won. When you win the lottery online, small wins are transferred directly to your bank account.

Types of Games

These days, the gaming options aren’t limited to whichever tickets are available at your local petrol station. When you play the lottery online, you have access to a vast collection of games that you can play at any time. Now you know the answer to the question, “How do you buy lottery tickets online?” you may also be curious about other games you can play. Whether you fancy scratch tickets and other “instant win” games, classic draw lottery, or bingo, you can find it all online and access it through your account so you can start playing instant lotto games immediately.

Whether you prefer to play lottery online or offline, the Health Lottery is waiting. Stop into one of the 32,000 retailers or just visit the website and you can quickly find the answers to any gaming related questions such as “Can you buy lotto tickets online?” (you can!) and “Can you play the lottery online?” (most definitely!). Online gaming is the way of the future, it is easy and provides immediate results for some games. Who knows? Today could be your lucky day.