Knowing you have the best chance of winning money is sure to make you excited!

Trying to Figure Out Your Best Chance of Winning Money?

So you have your Health Games account all set up and you are ready to play, but how do you decide which games to play, which game gives you the best odds of winning a prize, and what do the numbers really mean? It can be confusing when you are first starting out playing charity games online, the numbers and odds may seem random and arbitrary, but this quick guide will help demystify how it all works and what it all means. In this instance, we are going to take a look at instant win games. Instant win games are a game of chance that offer a preset winning prize that does not change based on the number of players, nor do the odds of the game change. 

How to determine the odds

Each game you play on Health Games will have slightly different odds. These odds can vary from game type, such as instant win, slingo, scratch games, as well as from game to game. Each online game, including online scratch cards, will have different odds. Players can click on any game to see the cost to play, the different prizes as well as the odds of winning for each game. 

On the Health Games you will find “Return to Player” odds that are listed in the information screen of every game. The return to player (RTP) odds represent what an individual could theoretically win if they spent £100. For example on the Rainbow Riches Slingo game, the RTP is 95.60%, or for every £100 spent, a player would win on average £95.60. There may also be a breakdown of the odds of the extra game chances. Again, using the Rainbow Riches Slingo game, each extra spin bonus has an RTP of 94.92%, or £94.92. Or to put it another way, for every £100 risked, the average reward is £94.92. However, the maximum win for this game, using the max bet of £200, is £200,000! So a player can compare the RTP against the max possible prize and decide how they feel about the potential risk and reward.

You may find online games displaying their odds in the form of fractional odds, which can be displayed in a variety of formats. 4:1, 4.1, 4-1, and 4/1 are all different ways of expressing “four to one” odds, or that a winning bet of £100 would return £400. The opposite, 1:4, would mean that a winning £100 bet would return £25. These sorts of odds are most commonly used in sport betting and similar styles of online gaming.

How do you choose the right game and odds for you

Now that you know how to read the odds, the next step is to determine what your best chance of winning money is, and what odds seems to be the most ideal for you. Do you prefer to take a lower risk by playing a game that has better odds, and more chances to play, but potentially a smaller prize, or do you take a higher risk with less favorable odds, but a potentially bigger payout? Only you can determine what the best combination is for you. The main thing to remember is to always gamble within your means. 

The final step in determining what game you choose to play is to decide if you prefer to stick to the same game and play the same consistent odds, or take a chance and experiment with different games to find one that seems to be the most favourable or enjoyable one for you. It can be argued that by playing one game and sticking with it, you have the same consistent odds of winning. By playing different games, some would argue that you are essentially resetting the odds each time you start a new game. That being said though, players could start a new game on a winning streak, while they were on what seemed like a losing streak on the previous game they were playing. 

Each game will have different odds, with different prizes. Now that you know how to better interpret those odds, and how to determine your best chance of winning money, you are ready to find the right game for you.

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