What Happens if You Buy a Lottery Ticket and Lose it?

You play the lottery every week, choosing the same numbers each time, numbers that you have been playing for years. One day, to your surprise, you see the winning combination come up and it just happens to match the numbers that you always play! To your dismay though, you realize that you have lost the ticket that you just bought! What can you do? In order to claim your prize, you must have your ticket on hand to prove that you are in fact the winner. So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

Ticket Safety is Key

The easiest way to make sure you don’t lose your ticket is to buy your lottery ticket online. But if you still prefer to purchase your tickets at physical retail stores, then you should take the appropriate steps to protect your potential winnings. First things first, your best bet is to store your ticket in a safe place until you are sure that it is not a winner. This can be a safe, a safe deposit box, or other secured location. 

Shirt pockets, coat pockets and trouser pockets are not to be trusted as often things can easily fall out or fly away. And perhaps the biggest risk to keeping your ticket in a garment is that it can be ruined in the laundry! 

Purses and wallets may seem like a great option, but again, your ticket could fall out when you’re retrieving something else. Plus should the unthinkable happen and someone steals your purse or wallet, your lottery ticket is just one more valuable item which was taken from you! 

Once your ticket becomes lost, stolen, or damaged, it becomes increasingly difficult to prove that you in fact did purchase the winning ticket. Another way to protect your ticket is to make sure you sign the back of it. This will ensure that another cannot cash your ticket in as they will have to provide proper identification with a matching signature. And if your ticket is merely lost, a good samaritan may even be inspired to find you and return it.

Online Game Play

Can you play the lottery online? Absolutely! This is one of the safest and easiest ways to get a lottery ticket. When you play online, there is no way to lose your ticket as there is a digital copy of your transaction including receipt of purchase and numbers chosen. By playing online, you also eliminate the need to check your numbers at every draw as the system will automatically notify you of a win. With online game play, you can track all of your ticket purchases, your winning tickets as well as your prizes. Another great advantage to purchasing your tickets online? You don’t have to ever worry about missing a draw if you are unable to get to a Health Lottery retailer as you can use direct debit to set up automatic ticket purchase. 

As always though, if you prefer to buy lottery tickets in person at one of our many retailers, that is still an option, just make sure you keep your ticket safe and secure! If ease of play and safety  is your main concern, then try playing The Health Lottery online. Whether you purchase online or at your favourite local retailer, you’ll get the same lottery ticket prices and the same fun experience.

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