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Celebrities Who Have Lucky Charms

Whether it’s a rabbit foot keychain, a favourite undergarment, or a penny you picked up, most of us have a lucky charm, including your favourite celebrities, actors, musicians, and athletes. Since the beginning of time, mankind has believed that symbols, animals or inanimate objects can harness luck and good fortune. Perhaps you’re in need of a new lucky charm that can make all your lottery dreams come true, if it’s worked for these celebrities, maybe it can work for you too.


Colin Farrell

In 2004 Colin Farrell shared how he always wore the same boxer shorts whenever he started filming a new movie. According to Farrell, they are “covered with shamrocks, and the wristband states, ‘The luck of the Irish.’” Farrell cares so deeply about his lucky charms that when his “lucky belt” gifted to him by his father was stolen, he offered £16,000 (GBP) for its safe return. He takes his lucky charms very seriously.



Mo Farah

Gold medal olympian Mo Farah shared how he likes to shave his head before competitions, enjoying the feeling of running his hand over his smooth scalp and the refreshing splash of cold water doused upon it, is his lucky ritual. According to Farah, this process helps him stay atop the international athletics stage.


Cameron Diaz

In a bid to bypass the signs of aging, actress and model Cameron Diaz has been known to wear a lucky charm necklace. Many have speculated that this is the Jack Vartanian horse shoe necklace she wore to the Japanese premiere of ‘What Happens in Vegas.’ However, Diaz doesn’t seem to take lucky charms too seriously as when asked about her superstitions by Cosmopolitan, she stated, “I knock on wood all day long...constantly. But I've also flown on Friday the 13th in a storm with a black cat on my lap, so I'm not that superstitious.” Who knows, maybe a horse shoe necklace could increase your lottery winning-odds. Who knows, maybe a horse shoe necklace could increase your lottery winning-odds the next time you're deciding which lottery to play.


David Beckham

Footballing legend and former England captain, David Beckham, has many lucky charms and performs a series of superstitious rituals that he believes have aided his performance on the pitch. Beckham would always wear a new pair of football boots before every game for good luck. He also confessed, "[he has] to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs." Beckham lays blame on his obsessive compulsive disorder for many of these charms and rituals admitting that he even rearranges hotel rooms to make "everything perfect."


Serena Williams

Serena Williams, one of the world’s greatest tennis players, credits her success to some special footwear. Williams confesses her lucky charm is “a pair of socks that [she’s] been wearing every match." Williams continues, "I've never lost a match in these socks so I guess that is a little superstitious."


Helen Mirren

Actress, Film Producer and Director, Helen Mirren’s lucky charm is a pair of “stripper heels” she picked up on Hollywood Boulevard, she explained to Jay Leno. The $39 (USD) shoes accompany Mirren to every awards show, and not only did they give Mirren “an immediate seven inches”, but according to Mirren she snatched back-to-back Emmy Awards after wearing the heels. Considering Helen Mirren boasts one of the most successful and longevous careers in Hollywood, maybe these Wizard of Oz magic shoes are as lucky as she believes.


Heidi Klum

The beholder of the most unusual lucky charm belongs to actress, model and veteran television judge, Heidi Klum. Klum confessed to Entertainment Weekly that her lucky charm is a bag of her baby teeth. “Well, I don’t, like, advertise it,” Klum gushed, but she did share how she once needed help from a flight attendant to find the teeth after dropping them on a plane. The America’s Got Talent judge recalls the humorous episode sharing, “[the flight attendant said]: ‘Can I help you?’ and I was like, ‘yeah, I’m just looking for my teeth.’ And he’s like, ‘oh.’ I had to find it - it’s not good luck if I leave the [teeth] on the plane.” If it works for her, who are we to judge.


Lucky charms and Lotto wins

Lucky charms come in many shapes, sizes and rituals. Some are common and some are unique. But what lucky charms all share in common is that maybe they can help you turn that penny on the street to thousands of pounds. Now, feeling lucky? Just like Angela’s story, you can be with the Health Lottery. No matter how obscure your lucky charm or pre-lottery ritual are, whether you always pick the number 7 or have a four-leaf clover keychain at hand, they could be the key that unlocks your lottery win. So, play lucky dip