The Importance of Charity Lottery During COVID-19

Dear players,

We know that you are probably being inundated with COVID-19 updates from all sides. We know that you come to our charity lottery site or app to have fun - and we all need fun more than ever right now. However, please forgive us for talking for a moment about the coronavirus. We’d like to tell you how important your choice to play The Health Lottery is right now.

The COVID-19 health pandemic that we’re currently facing is a once-in-a-generation event for all of us. None of us could have fully prepared for the scope of what we’re experiencing. There are things that we can do right now, however. Continuing to support the disadvantaged members of our community is one of those things.

Taking Care of Our Vulnerable Population

Since 2011, The Health Lottery exists to help raise money for health and wellness charities. These charities operate at a grassroots level in communities across England, Scotland, and Wales. The money raised has supported everyday people and neighbourhoods that are experiencing significant disadvantage. Now, more than ever, we all need to do what we can to continue supporting vulnerable populations. They will be the ones hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak in Great Britain.

Money raised through The Health Lottery has supported disabled young people and adults, older people who are isolated, people with autism, children and adults living in poverty, and carers for the elderly and disabled. Many of these groups are particularly vulnerable in light of the coronavirus outbreak. The virus represents a potential threat to the health of older community members, and those with preexisting conditions. In addition, many people served by local charities are living on low income. Often, they rely on zero-hours contracts or part-time work. Such work is drying up during this crisis, especially if they work in industries considered “non-essential.”

So far, by playing The Health Lottery, you have helped raise more than £113m for good causes and supported over 3,000 projects. Many of these are now needed more than ever. Wherever possible, many charities are remaining open in order to support their community. Others are moving their operations online, to keep people connected with each other and the resources they need. But they still need funding, and some may need it more urgently if they find that more people need their support.

How You Can Help

It may feel like we are powerless at the moment, but we are not. You can help by continuing to support these good causes, so that vulnerable people can get through this very difficult period.

Playing The Health Lottery is just one step. If you have the means, please consider donating to the worthy causes in your community helping vulnerable populations. Check in on your aged neighbours to ensure they have everything that they need. Call a vulnerable relative, or any other family member who may be at risk or lonely in social isolation.  Most importantly, please continue to follow all government mandates with regards to self-quarantine and safety measures. Great Britain has weathered many crises in her history, and as in the past, we will get through this one together.

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