How Internet Lottery Sales Benefit Scotland

There is no doubt that Scotland has captured the popular imagination. Scotch whisky has an unparalleled reputation for quality. Fans around the world swoon over the Highlands romance of the Outlander books and television series. People plan vacations to visit the beautiful moors or the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, whether or not they have Scottish ancestry. Scottish actors such as Sean Connery and David Tennant entertain audiences with their depiction of iconic characters like James Bond and The Doctor.

However, like any place in the world, Scotland is a real country populated by real people, some of whom have real struggles. Health Lottery Scotland, one of the 12 society lotteries who make up The Health Lottery, aims to address some of these struggles. In the month of January, Health Lottery Scotland benefits from funds raised through in-person and internet lottery ticket sales, as well as other gameplay on our site.

A Big Responsibility

Geographically speaking, Health Lottery Scotland is responsible for a larger area than any of the other Community Interest Companies (CIC) participating in The Health Lottery. Health Lottery Scotland covers all 30,414 square miles of Scotland and the approximately 5.46 million people who live therein. Of that population, 19% are aged 65 and over (per 2019 figures from National Records of Scotland).

Many of the grassroots charities supported by People’s Health Trust across Great Britain are focused on serving the needs of our elders, and Scotland is no different. Elders frequently experience social isolation, especially if they also have health issues which may make it difficult for them to leave the home.

Other groups served by Health Lottery Scotland include the Deaf community of Lanarkshire. Lanarkshire Deaf Club SCIO provides social activities for deaf children and hearing children of deaf parents. Much like elders, deaf children can experience isolation and the resulting mental health struggles, due to feeling left out in a world built for hearing people. Lanarkshire Deaf Club SCIO is able to provide activities that allow deaf children to feel like they are included in the community.

It’s not possible to overstate the importance of mental and emotional health. Depression, anxiety, and other symptoms of mental disorders can have reprecussions on our physical health, including insomnia, weight loss and gain, and even self-harm and suicide.

Playing Internet Lottery for a Good Cause

So remember, this month, when you play internet lottery or your favourite lottery instant win games, you might be helping to make life a little better for a lonely grandparent or a deaf child in Scotland. Grassroots charities do great work in their communities, and they often rely on society lottery funding to help them provide services. 

The next time you log in to check your lottery ticket online, feel free to take a few minutes to read up on the other good causes supported by People’s Health Trust each and every month. You’ll find stories of people helping people, from Lanarkshire to London, each and every day, even during the pandemic.

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