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Lottery Charity Funding Makes a Big Impact - The Health Lottery

The world seems to have slowly spun to a pause, while we all wait with baited breath to see what is next when it comes to the impact of COVID-19. Non-essential businesses have suffered, schools have gone quiet, and increasingly, people are working from home or their jobs are at risk. In the face of the global pandemic, The Health Lottery recognises the importance of supporting local health-related charities across Great Britain. That is why we have decided to increase our lottery charity funding contribution. Now 25% of every ticket sold will benefit local grassroots organisations.

Fighting Isolation with Technology

With lockdown leading to isolation, increased health risks making visits to the doctor more difficult, and escalating anxiety, it is vital to continue the work of health-related charities. Those that will be hit the hardest are often those who are already disadvantaged, whether due to preexisting health conditions or income inequality. 

For those who are alone, isolation has become an issue leading to more mental health concerns. Many of the local health organisations are having to adapt the way they help out. One of the popular options has been online meetings and virtual get togethers. Some groups have started to work on online projects for their members to learn new skills and connect with others. Online dance parties, practice sessions, and conference calls are all also being implemented to help people feel connected and still give them access to the help and care that many of them have come to count on.

Other organisations have also established text and phone-in lines for those needing to talk to someone while they are self-isolating, as well as welfare checks for those that are considered to be at risk individuals, including those that have pre-existing conditions, the elderly, and those that are unable to find work. This is especially helpful to those that live on their own, and single mums with young children. It is hard to overstate the importance of simply having a connection to a peer group! 

Healthy Help and Contributions

Over the years, more than £115M has been raised through The Health Lottery, supporting over 3000 health-related projects across England, Scotland, and Wales. These groups help support disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities, those living with autism, individuals that are living in poverty, and aging seniors with no one to turn to, among others. Many of these charities are struggling right now in order to keep up with demand while the novel coronavirus spreads throughout their communities. That is why we are increasing the amount being donated to these causes. What this means is that for every £1 spent, 25p is donated to local grassroots organisations. This includes any of the five weekly draws, scratch cards, and Quick Win. So whether you prefer lottery or scratch cards, either way, you’ll be contributing! 

How exciting is it to know that not only can you try your luck and have a quick flutter, but while doing so, you are helping to support the health and well being of the community through lottery charity funding? By purchasing charity lottery tickets, not only are you getting a chance to win big, but you can feel good knowing that you are helping out your neighbours and community at large.

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