Lottery winners' houses - which would you buy?

Palace, mansion, castle, or just stay put - where would you choose to live if you won life-changing money?

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Have you ever wondered what some lottery winners do with their newfound money? 

Many of them choose to buy beautiful homes while others prefer cars, and some wouldn’t change a thing. 

With a variety of options to choose from, it’s hard not to be intrigued. 

With that in mind, we’ve given you a run-down on the houses some lottery winners have purchased.

£4.5 million estate in Kent

In 2019, Steve and Lenka Thomson won a huge sum of money from the National Lottery - £105,100,701.90 to be exact. After their win they continued to live in their three-bedroom home with their kids, some of whom had to share a bedroom. They stayed there for a year before moving.

After a while, the family decided it was time for an upgrade, and a big one at that. The Thomson’s moved from their home in West Sussex to a massive six-bedroom farmhouse in Kent. This new family home ensures that each kid has their own bedroom and plenty to do such as swimming in their new pool, playing tennis on their court or having lots of room for hide and seek on their 14.5-acre estate.

From a one-bed flat to a countryside retreat

In 2020, Ryan Hoyle won £58,366,487 from the National Lottery. He worked as a joiner and decided to purchase a house that he and his mates could fix up together. As the win was made during UK’s lockdown, it just made sense. 

The property had been on the market for quite some time, had a stunning exterior but an outdated 80s interior that he believes is what kept it from being sold. The lottery winner’s property was already equipped with a workshop and a sauna, so he could get to work and relax without ever having to leave the comfort of his beautiful new home. The 38-year-old said he has peace of mind knowing that the property would go up in value when he is done renovating and has no plans to retire with his winnings.

£1,000,000 to go towards lottery winner’s home

In 2021, Neil and Sue Smart landed  a million pound jackpot from the National Lottery. When checking their numbers online, they were filled with absolute disbelief, checking again and again. The family has three children, one whom often needs to visit a hospital in Birmingham which is a 300-mile round trip. The couple bought a new car to make the trips more comfortable and a larger home for their entire family to enjoy.

One of the couple’s children has a two-year-old son. The win not only allowed the couple to upgrade both their home and their car, but Mrs. Smart was also able to quit her job and assist her daughter in looking after her grandson. 

£1,700,000 winner sticks with the family’s council house

In 2003, Trish Emson won over a million pounds from the National Lottery while working as a dinner lady. After her win, she decided she didn’t want to change her life to include expensive houses and fancy cars, what she really wanted was to grow her family. And, after five years of trying, she finally got pregnant, two weeks after her big lottery win! It goes to show that big wins come in many different forms! Trish was keen to keep her feet on the ground and make no big changes to her life – in fact, she carried on working as a dinner lady even after her big win!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

The lottery could be won by anyone, and what people choose to do with their winnings can differ hugely.
As you can see, some prefer a fixer-upper with their friends while others prefer massive estates to share with their family.

If you do win, what you do with your lottery winnings is up to you!  

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