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GOOD NEWS! The Health Lottery now has FIVE £1 draws a week!

Our 50p game has been discontinued and replaced with the existing £1 game.  That means that players like you now have the chance to win a jackpot of up to £100,000 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Players can purchase tickets for the new Tuesday and Friday £1 draws from Wednesday 28th October 2015.

You will no doubt also be aware that The National Lottery has added more balls in their draw which makes it even harder to win the jackpot.  The odds of winning the Lotto jackpot is now 1 in 45million which means that by playing The Health Lottery (with odds of 1 in 2.1million) you’re 21 times more likely to win our top prize.

So far our valued players have helped to raise over £70million for local good causes and won more than £5.6 million in cash prizes.  With thousands of lucky winners each and every week, there couldn’t be a better time to play.

Now The Health Lottery gives you even more, with five draws a week.  Five chances to win!


From 6th August 2015 you can start purchasing tickets for our NEW Thursday £1 Draw for an additional chance to win up to £100,000 every week.  And from Thursday 13th August, look out for our bigger, brighter all-new draw show on Channel 5 at 9.55pm which is hosted by the new face of The Health Lottery, Anthea Turner.  The former Blue Peter star is thrilled to be associated with The Health Lottery and has been busy visiting many of the great causes that your money has helped support and speaking with some of the 300,000 people who have benefitted so far.

Switch to Health Lottery sparked a syndicate win

david-bury-syndicate.jpgIt’s all cheers for Grimsby Town fan Les Brechin and his colleagues at David Bury Electricals

“Be honest,” I groaned to my best mate Dave Cockrill as I pushed open the door to the pub. “Was that match really worth the journey?” The two of us had travelled all the way down from York to Braintree, Essex, to see our beloved Grimsby Town draw nil-nil against Braintree Town. It had taken hours and hours. We’d just got back to York in time to catch last orders. Dave, 45, grinned and shrugged. “That’s football,” he said. “Pint?”

I nodded. To be honest, I wasn’t really complaining. Ever since I survived an almost fatal brain tumour seven years ago, I’ve learnt to appreciate the little things in life, and not sweat the small stuff.

Although occasionally, something gets my goat. Like the Lotto. I’d pushed for our work lottery syndicate to swap from the Lotto to The Health Lottery. We’d been going 20 years and hadn’t had much luck at all. Given the fact you’re 21 times more likely to win the jackpot on The Health Lottery, the move seemed wise. Our first draw had taken place that evening.

Settling myself at a table, I got my phone out. There was an email. I clicked. ‘Congratulations!’ I read, ‘You have won The Health Lottery!’ The numbers danced in front of my eyes. It said £10,000. Now I’d had a few pints throughout the day, but I didn’t think I was drunk!

Dave planted the pint glasses on the table. “What’s up?” he asked, frowning at my bemused expression. “It says here my syndicate has won ten grand!” I snorted. “Probably a mistake or a scam.”

After sinking the pints, Dave and I went back to his house. We checked the numbers online. The email was correct! The cash was paid into my account, and I distributed it amongst our small syndicate at David Bury Electricals in Grimsby, where I work in the accounts department. I splashed out on a much-needed holiday with my brother Pete, 63, in Plockton, a stunning village near the Isle of Skye. There were some award-winning places to eat and drink, so we didn’t stint on enjoying ourselves.  After all, it’s all about appreciating life’s blessings!

No holiday for us then fate stepped in

Jane Cosburn from Basildon, Essex signed up online to play The Health Lottery and became a £10,000 winner the next day!

It’s no use, I sighed, as I gazed at the bank balance flickering on the computer screen. ‘No cash for a holiday’.cosburns-with-cheque.jpg

My husband John, 44, winced as he tried to settle in his chair. ‘Things will improve when I get earning again,’ he promised. John was recovering from a knee op.  It would be months before he could return to work as a self-employed builder.

‘Yes, love, our luck will change,’ I forced a smile. It was doubtful our fortunes would turn around any time soon. My part-time job at Sainsbury’s just wasn’t enough for us to enjoy life’s luxuries – although I’d been grabbing all the extra shifts I could.

‘We’re luckier than most,’ I thought to myself. Our kids, Jordan, 21, Paige, 19, and Harry, 15, were great. I’d love to treat them – but you can’t have everything.

Before switching the computer off, I scanned my emails. There was one about The Health Lottery. I went to click delete, but the words caught my attention.

The proceeds go to local good causes plus, you’re 21 times more likely to win the Jackpot than on Lotto. ‘That’s impressive,’ I thought.

I’d played the National Lottery for years and not won a thing. I followed the link on the email – only £1 a line. ‘No holiday, but I can spare a little,’ I reasoned. I put £20 into the account.

The next day, I drove John to the shops. As he limped off, I stayed in the car and checked my phone – an email from The Health Lottery flashed up. There was £10,000 in my account!

A mistake – surely? I rang The Health Lottery helpline, and started gabbling to the lady who answered. ‘It’s an error,’ I explained. ‘I only signed up yesterday!’ There was

a minute’s pause as she checked my account. ‘You’ve won!’ she told me. ‘Congratulations!’ Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. Then John got into the car. ‘Everything OK?’ he stuttered, looking concerned.

‘I’ve won The Health Lottery!’

I laughed through the tears. ‘Well done!’ he beamed. Winning after one day! It was fate. My dream of treating the whole family has come true.

Harry’s got a new mountain bike, Paige is getting a laptop and we’ve paid £500 for Jordan’s driving lessons. And we’ll all be going on a fantastic holiday to Portugal next August. I'm carrying on playing The Health Lottery. I'd be silly not to!

Cash helped with Yorkshire couple’s wish list

I told my wife to stop nagging me – but she was trying to tell me we’d won! By Robin Cooper, 71, from York

cooper-york.jpgThe lead singer was giving it his all. “You don’t know, oh oh… You don’t know you’re beautiful,” he sang. OK, so the band on stage wasn’t really One Direction. But even a 
pensioner like me could tell the tribute band at Butlin’s in Skegness had the crowd captivated.

My son Martin, 48, and his girlfriend Angela, 36, swayed in time to the music. Their little girls Abby, eight, and Chloe, six, were enraptured, mesmerized by the beat. I sneaked a glance at my wife Olivia, 72, and grinned. It was lovely to be able to treat the family to this holiday – and it was all thanks to The Health Lottery.

We’d been playing The Health Lottery since it started and, at only £1 per ticket, we were just happy to be supporting such good local causes. We never imagined that we would win a big prize.

Each week, Olivia would pop to Morrisons for the ticket. The draw’s on a Saturday, but we’d check our numbers online on a Sunday.

So, one Sunday morning in May 2015, we followed our usual routine. I googled “The Health Lottery results” on our tablet, but popped to the bathroom first without checking them. Olivia was making a cuppa in the kitchen. “The results are on the tablet,” I called. “I’m just going to get ready.” Moments later, Olivia was knocking on the door. “Robin!” she called. Her voice was urgent. “Open the door, I need you to check something!”

Could a man not get any peace?

“For heaven’s sake, Olivia!” I shouted.

“I’m having a wash! Can’t it wait?”

There was a heartbeat’s silence.

“No!” she shrieked. “We’ve won £10,000 on The Health Lottery!”

I hurried downstairs to check.

“You’re right,” I grinned. “We’ve won!”

The cash could buy us some of the things we had longed for. I splashed out on a Volvo – a car I’d always hankered after. We also double-glazed our windows – so we’ll be toasty this winter. There was money left over to pay for our family holiday in Skeggy. So our Health Lottery win has given us

some heart-warming moments too!

Hospital syndicate in awe after landing £100,000 on The Health Lottery

A syndicate of X-ray department workers from Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax, were thrilled after winning £100,000 on The Health Lottery.

Members of the hospital syndicate were stunned to find out they had landed the Health Lottery windfall. Especially since Debbie Kendall, the syndicate organiser, had managed to keep it a secret from everyone for three weeks – because she could not believe they had really won.

Winning syndicate organiser Debbie revealed how she didn’t dare tell her colleagues of the win for nearly a month in case a mistake had been made.
Finally the day before the money arrived in the group’s bank account she called a meeting at Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax where they work and confessed: “We have won some money...£100,000.”

Admin worker Debbie, 60, from Elland, West Yorks, has been at the hospital for 29 years.

She said: “They thought I was joking but then they started whooping and shouting with excitement.  Goodness knows what other people thought was going on.”

 “It was terrible having to work alongside them virtually every day and say nothing until I knew the money was definitely on the way.  People may think I am silly but it would have devastated people it something had gone wrong.”

The eight women X-ray department workers had only won a few small prizes rival lotteries after 16 years of playing.

Debbie said: “I think the biggest win we had on the other lottery was around £50 in 16 years.” 

So they decided to switch to the Health Lottery last year because tickets are half the price and the money raised goes to British health charities.

The decision proved a big break for the X-ray department staff because less than 12 months later they have scooped £100,000.SyndicateWeb2b

The group has vowed to carry on doing the Health Lottery because it helps health charities support good causes which are not funded by the NHS.

It is operated on behalf of 51 local society lotteries across England, Wales and Scotland, and donates 20p from every £1 ticket to health causes.

Charities including Dementia UK, Carers Trust, Royal Voluntary Service and thousands more have all received cash since it started. Syndicate organiser Debbie added: “It is good to know that buying tickets helps health related good causes.

“We are going to carry on playing.”

A spokesperson for The Health Lottery said: “We are delighted for all the girls in the Calderdale Royal Hospital syndicate. It is lovely to see what a big win can mean for people that really do deserve it. We wish them all the very best in the future!”

Watch the video highlights of the event here!

Bee keeper Chris is buzzing after winning £100,000 on The Health Lottery

Chris Bateson60 year old Bee Keeper Chris Bateson, from Newark, Notts, is buzzing after winning £100,000 on The Health Lottery’s Saturday jackpot!

Husband and Father of two, Chris, said he is planning on giving a portion of the winnings to some charities close to his heart, along with using it to tour all 92 football league grounds with a friend.

He said: "It's life-enhancing and it makes a big difference to us because we can go and see our son more. There are also a couple of charities we definitely want to give to.”

On top of that, he also plans to spend some on his bees, saying, "It's an expensive hobby, a hive can set you back £700 then there's all the equipment and the smokers, it all adds up.

"I tend to give most of my honey away though."

The former Xerox engineer, who started playing the Health Lottery after growing frustrated at National Lottery price hikes, said he could not believe it when his numbers came up.

He said: "It was the Saturday night of the draw and I was in front of the computer.

"I don't normally check the results because I do it online but it came through as an email.

"I thought while I'm here I'd check for a £10 win. I didn't believe it at first then I watched the run of it and I still wasn't sure.

"They were obscure numbers actually, they were the numbers I used to use for the National Lottery and I just ditched a number so I'm glad I ditched the right one!"

Mimi Turner, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Health Lottery, said: “I am over the moon for Chris. I wish him and his family all the best in the future. We’re really thrilled that so far The Health Lottery has helped raise almost £55 million for local good causes up and down the country, and it is great to hear how the game is life-changing for our winners as well.”


Robin Marriott 100K.jpg27 year old caravan engineer, Robin Marriott from Swindon, has landed £100,000 after winning The Health Lottery’s Saturday jackpot.

Robin was amazed when he received the email telling him that he had won, he said: “It is one of those things you just never expect to happen, I was slightly shocked.”

Mr Marriott’s first thoughts of what to do with the money were of his loving mother Valerie, as he decided to splash out on her with a new car.
He said: “She has had a car for 10 years but I wanted to treat her, so I surprised her by turning up with a new car.

“She hasn’t been able to afford a new one, so she was delighted when I pulled up and even broke down in tears. She was a bit emotional!

“She told me I shouldn’t have spent that much money on her, but she was really happy about it and it was so nice to be able to do that for her.”

Robin and his girlfriend Keana, 21, are going to use the money to get onto the property ladder.

He said: “I am going to buy a house and see what I have after that, at my age it would have taken ages to save that much money, so this is a real bonus.

“I won’t be blowing any of it; I have been there and done that, so I am going to use the money sensibly.”Robin Marriott Web Pic.jpg

Robin plans to keep playing the Health Lottery and has even been asked to buy the lottery syndicate tickets at work because he was so lucky.

He said: “I plan to keep playing the Health Lottery, I like the way it helps fund local health causes so I have no plans to stop getting my ticket.

“We do a lottery syndicate at work and my colleagues have said they want me to buy the ticket now as they think I must be lucky.”

Every ticket sold from The Health Lottery helps raise money for local health charities and projects and has already helped to raise more than £1,163,000 for projects in Swindon and Gloucestershire through Community Interest Company HealthTotal.

Mimi Turner, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Health Lottery, said: “I am so happy for Robin. I think it is lovely that his first thought was to get his Mum a new car. It’s great he and his girlfriend can now get on the property ladder, and I wish him all the best in the future! We’re really thrilled that so far The Health Lottery has helped raise almost £53 million for local good causes up and down the country, and it is great to hear how the game is life-changing for our winners as well.”


Dennis Sadler1 Cheque.jpg67 year old, Dennis Sadler, who lives in Evesham, Worcestershire, recently was blown away when he found out he had won the top prize of £100,000 on The Health Lottery. 

Dennis said: “I told my wife Dianne but it wasn’t until I looked at my neighbour’s paper the following morning I knew it was perfect. I said to Dianne, ‘Looks like we’ve won £100,000!’”.

It was an extra special win for Dennis, as the numbers that won the top prize were personal to him. He said, “The numbers were the birthdays for all of us: me, Dianne, our two daughters, and also I have number 11 in everything I do. Doesn’t matter if it’s Horse racing, bingo, anything, I always have number 11. It’s my favourite number and has done me proud.

“When the numbers came up I was excited. I’m not a very excitable person, but I knew the top prize was £100,000. You’re a bit stunned at first, “I thought: ‘I’m the only person in Great Britain who could have had these numbers!’ You know, having personal numbers – I was born lucky!” 

The win comes at a great time in his family’s lives, and there’s plenty of ways they are planning on spending the money, Dennis said, “I’m well contented. We will be going on holiday now; both our girls have bought a car each, that’s already out the money, like. We also needed a new conservatory, so it’s just about come at the right time.” 

Dennis said he plays The Health Lottery because it helps local good causes, “I like to support it, it’s only a quid, it’sThe Health Lottery, so for someone, somewhere hopefully it’s doing a bit of good. 

“It’s only a pound, but if everyone put a pound in, it might do someone not as fortunate as myself a bit of good. I never knew I would win £100,000 at the end of the day, but it’s going to be huge! It’s easy to check, 9.55pm Saturday nights, I knew it would come up one day in my mind. So I paid my pound.”Dennis Sadler1.jpg

The Health Lottery helps raise money for local health charities and projects and has already helped to raise more than £782,000 for projects in Coventry, Warwickshire,

Herefordshire, Worcestershire  through Community Interest Company HealthThrive. 

Every ticket sold helps raise money for local good causes.

Mimi Turner, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Health Lottery, said: “I am so happy for Dennis and Dianne, “this is what The Health Lottery is about – a win really helping a lovely person like Dennis and his beautiful family, whom the win is really going to help. I hope he enjoys his new conservatory and wish him all the best in the future.” Every Health Lottery ticket sold helps raise money for local good causes, so local charities like Action for Elders, Dementia UK, The Royal Voluntary Service in Worcestershire and Warwickshire have been winners too.“


Simon Cowell, Richard Desmond and Gloria Hunniford hosted a Health Lottery champagne celebration for charities and volunteers at the Savoy Hotel on 2nd June 2014. 

The event marks reaching the landmark total of £50 million pounds, which will go to fund local health projects in England Scotland and Wales. 

RichD_SCMore than 1300 projects have received funding to date and players have won almost £80 million in prizes. 

As well as Simon Cowell, the event was attended by more than 30 charities from England, Scotland and Wales. The TV star met people helped by charities that are funded through The Health Lottery and heard about the work being done to support some of the hardest-hit communities in Great Britain. 

Simon Cowell and Gloria Hunniford handed Special Recognition Awards to projects and volunteers which did outstanding work in their own communities. 

Celebrity guests included Ashley Roberts, Roger Daltrey, Amy Willerton, Kimberley Walsh, Charlie Webster, Jim Davidson, Matthew Wright, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Anne Diamond, Amy Childs, Patsy Kensit, Chantelle Houghton, Casey Batchelor and Sian Welby. 

Members of Parliament who attended the party with charities from their constituencies included: , David Lammy, Vince Cable, Philip Lee, Matthew Offord, Jenny Rathbone (Welsh Assembly Member), Luciana Berger, Ian Swales, Chloe Smith and David Amess. 

Simon Cowell said: 
"I am involved with lots of charities but rarely do I meet people who actually benefit so it's great to be here today. The fact that The Health Lottery has hit a £50 million target is sensational. It takes a driving force to raise millions for charity and Richard Desmond has achieved that in such a short time. Makes us all proud to be British!"

Richard Desmond, Chairman of Northern & Shell said: 

“Helping to raise £50 million is a major milestone for The Health Lottery. It is a pipeline of new money for thousands of communities. I’ve always been totally confident that the Health Lottery would go from strength to strength. 

I have always believed that we would help to raise money that would be a lifeline for communities up and down the country. Seeing you all here today helps me to realise that the dream has become a reality.” 

John Hume, Chief Executive of the People’s Health Trust said: 

"To have raised over £50m in two and half years is incredible. The funding has enabled us to support 1,300 projects across Great Britain. With the current financial pressure that many charities are feeling, without this invaluable new source of money, many of the brilliant local projects we have funded would never have seen the light of day."

Check out the video of our Red Carpet arrivals below!

Click here

Watch the video highlights of the event here!

Lucille Ashbourne Lands £100,000 Saturday Jackpot 

Lucille 2.pngWolverhampton local, Lucille Ashbourne, is elated after landing The Health Lottery £100,000 Saturday jackpot. 

Lucille, who is 57, won the life changing sum after matching the numbers 6, 7, 21, 23 and 29 on 28th December. 

Mrs Ashbourne plays The Health Lottery every week and only found out she had won after her sister-in-law called her to break the good news. 

Speaking about the moment she discovered she was a winner, Lucille said: 

“I was shocked and felt completely numb. My sister-in-law wanted to come around that night with the ticket, just in case she lost it!” 

Lucille and her husband Danny, 58, plan on treating their whole family to a dream holiday in Devon this summer: 

“We love Devon and Cornwall and that part of the world. We usually end up there when we go on holiday, so I am going with the whole family.” 

The couple have spent the last several years saving up to repair their home meaning that the win has come as a huge relief: 

“We saved really hard to do up the house, and now we have won on The Health Lottery we don’t need to worry about that.”

  Richard Frost is a winner!


Yorkshire man Richard Frost is delighted after landing the £100,000 Saturday jackpot on The Health Lottery. The win came after Richard matched all 5 balls on the 7th December Health Lottery draw.

Richard, who is 26, suffered from a number of health issues in his childhood, including a brain tumour the size of a tangerine, which had to be removed when he was just four years old.

Speaking about his upturn in fortunes Richard said:

“I couldn’t believe it. I was completely shell shocked. I came downstairs and said to my Mum: ‘I think I’ve won the jackpot!’

It is just amazing to finally have some good luck for a change.”

Richard is the sub-postmaster at the joint tea room and post office managed by his Mother Dini, in Hunmanby, where they live. After the Post Office started to sell Health Lottery tickets, Richard decided to give it a go as he liked the fact The Health Lottery helps raise money for good causes. It proved to be an inspired decision as after only his second attempt he landed the £100,000 Saturday jackpot.

Richard’s Mother, Dini Frost speaking about her son’s win said:

“This is amazing. It is something that happens to other people. Not to us. He has done so well and works hard. He deserves it.”

Winner_TDilley Thomas Dilley from Luton wins £100,000

66 year old Thomas has been playing The Health Lottery since it started and also celebrated a £250 win last year:

“I won £250 last year but this is beyond my wildest dreams!”

Mr Dilley, a retired lorry driver, plans on using his winnings to buy himself a luxury new mobile home. He has been spending his retirement touring round Somerset, and now he can buy himself a new caravan, he has no plans on stopping:

“I love that part of the world and I am going to buy a new touring caravan and bank the rest. I was delighted when I won.”

Speaking about the win, Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said:

“Well done Mr Dilley, and what a perfect retirement present. I hope he enjoys his new caravan and now he can enjoy his retirement in style.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson Welcomes The Health Lottery £10 million Pledge for London

BorisV2London Mayor, Boris Johnson has welcomed the role of The Health Lottery in supporting London charities as he visited Shadwell Community Trust, an outdoor adventure playground and allotments, which is one of more than 150 local community health projects in London funded through The Health Lottery.

Visiting the project with Northern & Shell Chairman Richard Desmond, the London Mayor welcomed The Health Lottery’s pledge to help raise £10 million to support local London community health charities by 2016.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “Local initiatives like Shadwell Community Project are at the heart of what makes London a great city. The Health Lottery has already supported a huge variety of excellent schemes across the capital and the pledge to reach £10 million by 2016 means hundreds more schemes like this one will help Londoners live healthier, and ultimately happier lives.”

More than 150 London charities are already funded from money raised by the London community interest companies (CICs) - HealthEquality, HealthHope, HealthPromote, HealthLives, HealthWisdom and HealthFreedom through The Health Lottery. The People’s Health Trust, the independent body which grants money raised through The Health Lottery, has already awarded more than £5.5m to projects in London which support healthier living and community cohesion.

Mark Halden, Project Coordinator for Shadwell Community Project said: “For many of the kids round here, this is the only outdoor space they have – apart from the streets. It is a natural play space open for the kids most evenings and at weekends and they are down here come rain or shine. It is their place to socialise, get plenty of physical activity and have fun. It has been a part of the community since the 1960s. Some of the grandparents that come here used to play here themselves. This project is vital for the kids wellbeing. That means funding is also absolutely vital. We rely on donations and grants like this to keep the project open and it is tougher than ever to secure such funding.”

The Health Lottery Launches Hot Ticket Raffle Promotion


On Saturday 11th January The Health Lottery will launch a new Hot Ticket Raffle promotion.

The promotion will run until 1st February and will mean that £50,000 will be given away each week in additional cash prizes.

Each Wednesday during the promotion two lucky players will scoop £5,000 and every Saturday there will be one £10,000 prize up for grabs along with four £5,000 prizes and five £2,000 prizes.

Players will automatically gain one entry to the raffle with each line of numbers they choose to play. This means that if a player picks 5 lines of numbers; they will receive 5 entries to the relevant draw’s raffle.

Raffle codes will be randomly generated and printed on the player’s ticket, or sent in an email to online players.

Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said:

“As a New Year’s gift to our players we are giving them the chance to win even more prizes each week. We will be celebrating 46 winners during the promotion, so I wish our players the best of luck.”

For more information players can check the frequently asked questions section here.

Roy and Fran win £100,000!

Roy Cornelius and his partner Fran Gillespie are over the moon after winning £100,000 on The Health Lottery.


Roy, a 75 year old Falklands veteran and his partner Fran, a 63 year old health care worker, landed their windfall after matching all five numbers on the 5th October Health Lottery draw. 

After the price of Lotto increased to £2 a ticket, Roy and Fran decided to spend their weekly lottery allowance solely on The Health Lottery. This meant that on 5th October, when purchasing their tickets, Roy decided to buy five quick picks instead of the usual three. This turned out to be an inspired decision after his fifth ticket turned out to be the winner. 

Speaking about their win, Fran said: 

“We just felt completely numb, only now is it beginning to sink in.” 

Roy explained that when he first realised they had won £100,000 he waited until Fran got home from work until he told her how big their prize was: 

“I told Fran we’d won the lottery, she though I meant £10 or something! I told her when she got home from work and she simply couldn’t believe it.” 

Although the couple are now £100,000 richer, they have decided to be conservative with their winnings. Fran explained: 

“We are not going to rush into anything and will just go with the flow. We are not the sort of people to blow it.”

Sheila Casey wins £10,000 on The Health Lottery

Sheila Casey and her husband John are ecstatic after winning £10,000 on The Health Lottery.

Sheila, who is 65, has been playing The Health Lottery every week since it began and is over the moon now she is £10,000 richer.

Speaking about her win Sheila said:

“To be honest, I thought it wasn’t real. It didn’t really register until I saw the money in my bank account. It was totally unreal. I never envisaged this!”

The mother-of-two, who lives in Croydon, is a dedicated carer to her son Peter, who has learning difficulties.

Speaking about how she plans on spending her winnings, Sheila said:

“Some of the money has gone to my sons and brother and the rest we have put in the bank whilst we think what to do with it. We always have a quiet Christmas, but in the New Year we will think what we are going to do with the rest of the money.”


Roy Baker Ditches Lotto and Wins £100,000 on The Health Lottery

Roy Baker and his wife Margaret are ecstatic after landing £100,000 on The Health Lottery.

Roy, who is 77, had chosen the same Lotto numbers every week for two years, and had never won anything.

RonBakerv2However spurred on by his son Jason’s two Health Lottery wins, Roy decided to give The Health Lottery a go, randomly selecting the numbers 2, 8, 25, 30 and 34.

It proved to be an inspired decision as on Saturday 16th November all five of Roy’s numbers came up and now he is a £100,000 better off.

Speaking about his winning moment, Roy said:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I nearly fainted. I checked the numbers again and again.”

Before the win, Roy admitted that life was a bit of a struggle for the family, and they had to save up each year so they could afford the heating in the winter.

However, after his Health Lottery windfall Roy explained how life won’t be so tough, and how he and his family can treat themselves this Christmas:

“We won’t have to worry about the bills now! We will treat the family this Christmas. It is a great time of year for this to happen.”

Congratulating Roy, Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said:

“What a fantastic win for Roy at the perfect time. I hope he and his family have a lovely Christmas”

Health Lottery Ambassador Gloria Hunniford Meets New Mums and Babies at Leicester Royal Infirmary

Health Lottery Ambassador Gloria Hunniford met mums and babies from the Leicester Royal Infirmary Neo Natal unit to find out about support from local charity ADAPT Prembabies.

GloriaH-CORNS.jpgADAPT Prembabies recently received more than £9,000 from People’s Health Trust which was raised by HealthBelief CIC through The Health Lottery. The grant helped ADAPT add another family support worker to their team who provide specialist care to the parents of premature babies.

Gloria met mums, volunteers and staff from the group and heard first-hand about the support provided to families with premature and poorly babies, both in hospital and when they have been discharged.

Speaking about how touched she was by her visit Gloria said: 

“I have never seen babies that small, and to see them struggling for life and surviving was so touching, I couldn’t help but be gripped. I was really struck by the dedication of the young mothers and of course what ADAPT do to help is simply stunning, they are truly unique. All the girls without exception said they thought they would be on their own but they could rely on the support and care of ADAPT. 

For ADAPT to get £9,000 through The Health Lottery scheme was just amazing and I could see how much it meant to them all. This proves just how important The Health Lottery can be in getting right to the heart of local communities.”

Every six minutes a baby is born in the UK needing specialist neonatal care and in Leicestershire alone over 1,600 babies a year need some kind of neonatal intervention. 
Jenny Graham, who is receiving support after her son, Teddy, was born prematurely said:

ADAPT have been amazing, they have given me so much support. It was lovely to see a friendly face in hospital who you can count on and when no one else is visiting. They help with absolutely everything, even with parking at the hospital and by sending baby clothes hand knitted by volunteers! 

The Health Lottery is fantastic, if organisations like The Health Lottery and HealthBelief CIC didn’t exist ADAPT would never be able to help people like me.”

Sheryl’s a Winner!

Leicester local, Sheryl Cheadle, is celebrating after scooping £10,000 on The Health Lottery. 

Sheryl, who is 43, landed the prize after matching 4 numbers and the bonus ball. 

Cheryl_WINNER.jpgSheryl explained how she only realised she had won six weeks after her numbers had come up, and that the news came at the best possible time: 

“It was amazing as I only found out six weeks after I had played. I was made redundant on the Monday morning, and on Tuesday I got a phone call from The Health Lottery saying that I had won. It was incredible!” 

She went on to explain how her win had helped her settle her debts and buy a new car: 

“I bought myself a little car and cleared all my debts, everything is sorted now!” 

Sheryl, who is continuing to play with direct debit has now got her sights set on winning the Saturday £100,000 jackpot: 

“I’m still playing every week, and now I just need to match five numbers and win £100,000!” 

Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said of the win: 

“I am delighted for Sheryl, and what a time for her to win! We have had 1.2 million winners so far, and hope to be celebrating many more in the future.”

Pauline Ashton Lands £100,000 Jackpot!

Nottingham great-grandmother Pauline Ashton is celebrating after scooping £100,000 on The Health Lottery.

Pauline, who is 81, landed the jackpot after matching all 5 numbers in the Saturday draw on 19th October.

The mother of three explained how she initially thought that she had won a smaller prize, and was left shocked when she found out that she had in fact won the £100,000 top prize.

PAshtonDMansourv2Pauline purchased the ticket from the Martin McColl’s on Southchurch Drive, and Paul Taylor, Marketing Manager for McColl’s, said:

I am over the moon for Pauline, and her win is great news for our dedicated staff who have been promoting The Health Lottery in store. They know that The Health Lottery raises money for local health causes and are delighted to do their bit for the local community.”

Pauline, who plans to share her winnings amongst her three children, has decided to stay grounded after her win, and will not be moving out of the council house she has lived in for 46 years.

Pauline explained that she “Couldn’t believe it” when she found out how much she had won, and that she is still playing The Health Lottery each week:

“I’ve already bought my ticket for this week as I have played The Health Lottery since it started. It supports some great causes.”

Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said of the win:

“I am delighted for Pauline, and what a fantastic early Christmas present for her and her family. We have celebrated over a million winners so far and we are hoping for many more during the Christmas period.”

Health Lottery Owner Richard Desmond Visits Ability North London

RDVisit2A couple of weeks ago, Richard Desmond, owner of The Health Lottery and Northern & Shell, visited Ability North London to learn how The Health Lottery has touched the lives of a group of young Orthodox Jews.

Joining Richard for the visit was Professor Jennie Popay and John Hume from People’s Health Trust, who allocate grants from money raised through The Health Lottery, and Health Lottery Chief Executive Dominic Mansour. The group were invited to chat to the young men and their families who have been helped by The Health Lottery.

Ability North London recently received a grant of £19,083 from money raised by HealthPromote through The Health Lottery and Richard was eager to experience first-hand how this money has helped.

The project, based in Haringey, supports Orthodox Jewish males with learning disabilities and provides respite for their families and carers. The funding has helped the organisation to put on a series of activities for the young men such as trips to the local swimming pool and arts and crafts sessions in Haringey.

Clearly touched by the visit and delighted to see money raised through The Health Lottery going to such a worthy cause, Richard said:

“It’s amazing how this money can change so many lives. I have met some fantastic people here and I am thrilled that The Health Lottery has been able to help. That is what The Health Lottery is all about, helping people who might otherwise have been overlooked.”

Parent Rachel Josebashvili, was also on hand to explain what the group meant to her and how it had changed her life:

“This group has literally saved the lives of the parents. It allows us to have a break and that gives us the strength to carry on.”

My son needs 24/7 care, the Government gives Ability North nothing so we rely on grants like this and are so grateful to The Health Lottery for this funding. It is absolutely vital, and makes such a huge difference .”

One Team, One Dream!

The Health Lottery Announces New Syndicate Scheme

Our players are already seven times more likely to win our top prize compared to Lotto, but now they have an even better chance of winning by joining a syndicate.

The syndicate scheme encourages players to team up and buy more tickets to improve their chances of winning on The Health Lottery.

In the past, Health Lottery syndicates have proved a success, with the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ syndicate from Rotheram a notable example.

The group of lifelong friends clubbed together to land The Health Lottery jackpot and syndicate member Geoff Shakespeare explained their decision:

MASON_LOTTERY_01“Over the years we have done the football pools but decided to try The Health Lottery because there are only five balls to win the  jackpot.”

The group only discovered their win a week after the draw when  one of the members, Roy Ferguson, asked a Tesco check-out girl  to check the numbers.

 He recalled:

 "The guy behind me put his hand on my shoulder and I was a  gibbering wreck.”

 For more details on the syndicate scheme players can visit the  syndicate section of the website here 

Gloria Hunniford Drops in for Tea with Local Kent Bereavement Group

Recently television and radio presenter Gloria Hunniford stopped by at her local Cruse Bereavement Care service in Ashford.

The organisation, based at St Mary’s Church hall in Kennington, received a grant of almost £10,000. The money was raised by HealthWhole, a local Community Interest Company, through The Health Lottery and the grant was distributed by People’s Heath Trust.

Gloria chatted to the clients, volunteers and organisers of the service learning what they do and sharing her own experiences of personal loss.

Carol Bursey, Chair of the South Kent Branch, spoke about the difference money raised through The Health Lottery has made:

“The funding we received was vital in keeping us going last year, without it we would have closed, but now we are able to extend our service to even more people in need.”

The service offers counselling to people in the area who have been bereaved, and who are struggling to come to terms with their loss. The volunteer counsellors help their clients to overcome such grief and help them to get their lives back on track.

Gloria, who tragically lost her daughter Caron to cancer in 2004, found she could relate to the people she met, and praised both the service, and the funding they received:

"Having lost my own daughter, I understand just how valuable counselling can be. Many people are very lonely and don’t have anybody to open up to, so the marvellous thing about Cruse is that they are a shoulder to lean on. What is especially poignant is that this branch of Cruse Bereavement Care would have folded had it not been for Health Lottery funding. This is the strength of The Health Lottery; it can get into the core of communities and help organisations who need it the most.”


Health Lottery Ambassador Kimberley Walsh Supports London’s Youngsters Learning Media Skills

tcHL2_2.jpgGlobal popstar Kimberley Walsh saw first-hand how London’s youngsters are getting media training and skills when she visited a project set up in the wake of the London riots.

In response to a sense of alienation among many teenagers in the Tottenham area, local Waltham Forest charity Youth Skills Network set up ‘Strait Talk,’ a project which gives young people broadcast media skills and helps them run an online talk show where they can discuss key issues with key figures including the Borough police and other community leaders.

Youth Skills Network recently received a grant of £12,689 raised by HealthLives through The Health Lottery.  This funding has supported ‘Strait Talk’ helping the project to enrich the lives of teenagers in the area not in formal education or training.

Kimberley met project founder Andy Fraser and saw the range of training on offer in an attempt to get teenagers and young adults skilled up and into employment, and the singer was on hand to share tips on breaking into the media industry with local young people.

Kimberley Walsh said:

“I know that, as a teenager, doing theatre classes helped keep me on the straight and narrow. I hope this project can do the same for these young people. They are learning how to make TV programmes, how to use equipment and so much more. With a bit of luck, some of these young people might find a career that they never dreamt was possible. Projects like this are really life-changing and grants like those awarded by The Health Lottery can make all the difference.”

You Can Now Play The Health Lottery at all Post Office Branches


Playing The Health Lottery is even easier now that tickets are available for purchase in all Post Office branches in England, Scotland and Wales.

Furthermore, Post Office branches will be paying out cash prizes to winners of up to £250. All winners need to do is present their winning ticket at any counter.

Chris ParrHead of Retail at the Post Office said: “With over 11,500 branches, we are delighted to be able to offer easy access to customers wishing to buy a Health Lottery ticket. Up and down the country, customers will be able to buy their tickets at any branch and those lucky enough to win can pick up their prize money too.”

Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said: “This is a really key step in increasing the Health Lottery footprint and means that millions of people will be able to buy a ticket and support local good causes by stepping into their neighbourhood Post Office.”

                                            THL-Logo.png          PO-Logo.png

Kicking Out Obesity

Hughes Shorai, a family friendly Martial Art club, recently received a grant of over £5,000 through The Health Lottery.

The club, based in St Helens, focuses on discipline, self-defence and respect. It is open to men, women and children and will help keep tackle rising obesity levels in the area.

Rob Vaughan, of Hughes Shorai, said: “St Helens has the second highest levels of obesity in the North West of England. Thank you to the Health Lottery and HealthFit for supporting our project and helping us facilitate physical activity for children and adults in this area."

You can see Hughes Shorai featuring in our adverts in this week’s Sunday Express and Sunday star.

jonny british

Radio Lifeline

Thanks to money raised through The Health Lottery, a local Wolverhampton radio station has received a grant to provide workshops for vulnerable women in the area.

The project aims to increase the skills and confidence of local women who have experienced domestic violence or are struggling to find employment or training.

The project will allow the women to create their own radio features for broadcast, helping them to improve their skills and get more involved in the local community.


Beki (pictured) is one of the project's success stories.

She spent two years unemployed, but after she was trained, the radio station offered her a work placement where she will help to teach and train others.

Stephen Morris, Station Manager, said: "We're delighted that this funding will give local women the opportunity to come together, learn new skills and feel more confident and connected with their local communities."



Thanks to The Health Lottery draws last Wednesday and Saturday, £256,291 was raised for good causes in Surrey bringing the total raised in the county to over £775,000 since launch.

So far, the money raised has helped a number of organisations in Surrey, including Dementia UK who recently received £45,000 to fund Surrey’s first Admiral Nurse who will offer support for those in the area affected by dementia, whether it is sufferers, their families or their carers.

Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive of The Health Lottery said:

“We know how much this money means to local communities and we are thrilled to help raise funds to support hundreds of local charities and health projects as well as handing out thousands in prizes to winners each week.”

Health Lottery Launches new App 


The Health Lottery app is free to download, and is the first lottery app which allows users to make transactions in-app. 

The app, which was built by Blackmobile Solutions, has numerous other features such as reminders which alert players to upcoming Health Lottery draws, a results checker and information to remind players which society lottery is open each week. 

The Health Lottery plans to continue adding features to their app, and Damian Goodwin, Head of Product Development said: 

I am thrilled to see our app live in the App Store, and we have many exciting new features which we plan to add in the future.” 

Currently, the app is available for free download on iPhone and there is an Android version in the pipeline.



Over 400 ‘Health Lottery Heroes’ Enjoy Free Day Out at Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land opened its gates to over 400 local heroes as a reward for their contribution to the Yorkshire community.

The heroes who attended were from a number of local charities to have received funding from money raised through The Health Lottery, including: Leeds 14 Trust, York Carers and Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library.

Health Lottery Ambassadors Donna Air and Chris Eubank were also on hand to open the aptly named ‘Hero’ rollercoaster, and to invite those in attendance to be amongst the first in the country to try out the fantastic new ride.

A young carer who enjoyed her day out was 18 year old Rosanna Saarements, who cares for her mother and two little siblings. She is supported by the York Carer’s centre who have received over £80,000 in total through money raised by The Health Lottery to help young adult carers aged 16 to 25.

Rosanna said: “It is wonderful to have a day out. I feel like I have a huge weight on my shoulders but thanks to The Health Lottery I now receive support from the York Carers centre.” 

Win More prizes with Bonus Ball!



Bonus Ball is here! The Health Lottery is now bigger and better, with the addition of 3 new prize levels. This means that you have double the chances of winning a prize.

You can buy tickets for The Health Lottery’s new Bonus Ball draw, with the first draw taking place on the 11th May. Please note that existing tickets for this draw will also be eligible for the new prizes.


We’re staying at £1

So what’s the catch? None, zip, zilch, nada. This is purely good news for our players. What’s more, unlike the national lottery we are committed to staying at £1.