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The Best Scratch Cards To Buy In The UK

Since their inception in the 1980s, scratch cards have rapidly grown to be one of the most popular forms of gambling. With that growth in popularity has come a huge variety of different types of scratch card. In this article, we’ll take a look at all these different options to find out which is the best scratch card to buy in the UK.

What Are The Best Scratch Cards To Buy In The UK?

The short answer to this question is: It depends on what you want! Which scratch card is the best will depend on your own preferences. So, we’ve broken the question down into three, looking at which scratch cards have the best odds, which are the cheapest to play, and finally those with the biggest jackpots.

1) Scratch Cards With The Best Odds

When it comes to National Lottery scratch cards, you get the best odds on the £5 cards. Roughly speaking, your odds of winning on a £5 scratch card are once for every four cards you play. This includes breakeven cards (where you win £5). However, each game will have slightly different odds – you can read the information on the back of the scratch card to get exact odds for the particular variant you’re playing.

You can get much better odds on many scratch cards from the Health Lottery. Our Stuffed with £100s scratch card offers some of the best odds in Britain for winning £100 – with 1 in 2.99 odds of a winning ticket. Or, try out our 7Up! Bundle - seven scratch cards in one means you get incredible odds of 1 in 1.16!

2) The Cheapest Scratch Cards

The cheapest scratch cards offered by the National Lottery are their £1 games. Typically, the winnings on these lower cost tickets are not as big, to make up for their cheaper price, so don’t expect to win life changing amounts of money on a £1 scratcher.

Here at The Health Lottery, we offer a number of online scratch cards that are even cheaper. In fact, we have four scratch cards that all cost less than £1 to play:

  1. Spinlotto Scratch is 50p a card, with a jackpot of £7,500
  2. 777 is 77p a card, with a jackpot of £7,777
  3. Super Shamrock is 30p a card with a jackpot of £1,000
  4. Cheapest of all – our bundle offer on Elephant means that it costs just 5p a card to be in with a chance of winning £200!

3) Scratch Cards With The Highest Jackpots

If big jackpots are what you’re looking for, then the best Health Lottery scratch card for you is the £100k Jackpot. It’s a classic £5 scratcher with a jackpot worth £100,000. An honourable mention here also goes to Coin Conquerer, which is a scratch card bundle with the potential to win a maximum jackpot of £105,000!

The National Lottery have some very high jackpots available in their scratch cards, although these tend to have much lower odds of winning. Also, many pay out in chunks over an extended period of time – for example their famous £100,000 A Month For A Year scratch card has a total jackpot of £1.2m but it is spread over 12 months of payments.  

Enjoy More Of Your Favourite Online Scratch Cards With Bundles

You can often find bundle offers on our other cards as well, such as Raid the Piggy Bank and Elephant, which are currently available for individual purchase or with special bundle deals. As we’ve already mentioned, Elephant is our most affordable scratcher at just 5p per card, so a bundle is a low-cost way to enjoy some scratch play and take a chance on winning a great prize.

Everyone loves a deal, and bundles offer just that, special pricing when you buy multiple of our best online scratch cards. Be sure to also check our offers page for the hottest deals.

Top Tips for Enjoying Online Scratch Cards

It’s fun and easy to play scratch cards online, but here are a few tips to make the experience more enjoyable:

  1. Only play on genuine online lottery sites or apps like The Health Lottery or other reputable game sites.
  2. Use a unique and secure password for your online lottery account. Never use a password that you are using for another account.
  3. Make sure that any minors in your household don’t have access to your lottery account or any lottery scratcher apps on your phone.
  4. Learn how to spot phishing emails, phone calls, and other messages which may attempt to convince you that you have won a non-existent lottery prize, or may try to trick you into sharing your login credentials or sensitive financial information. You can take this one step further and report any phishing attempts to the authorities, and to the lottery provider if they are spoofing a legitimate lottery. Make sure to share this information with anyone else you know who plays the lottery, especially elders, as they are the most frequent victims of scams.
  5. Set a budget for your scratch card play and pay careful attention to how many scratchers you buy so you don’t exceed your budget.

Always play safely and responsibly. Learn the signs of problem gambling, and if you or someone you love starts to exhibit signs, seek help.

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