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Introducing the brand new Monthly Mega Raffle

There are now even more chances to win with The Health Lottery.

Now, for every £1 ticket you buy, you are entered into one of the 5 weekly draws, plus, you now get automatic entry into a monthly mega-raffle, with a prize of £250,000.

Plus, every time you play, you’re helping to raise money for grassroots organisations across England, Scotland and Wales.

With your help, over £100m has been raised so far. Play today and help to raise even more.

What is the Mega Raffle?

Our new monthly raffle draw takes place on the 1st of each month.

Every month, one person is guaranteed to win £250,000.

For every £1 line purchased for any weekly lottery draw in a given month (for example a draw in September), the player also receives one entry into that month’s Mega Raffle draw which takes place on 1st day of the following month (in this example, 1st October).

How do I play the Mega Raffle?

You can play online here, or you can buy a ticket at one of 32,000 retailers across the country, including Post Office, Co-Operative, Tesco, Plus more.

1.   Choose your numbers

2.   Select the number of weeks you’d like to play

3.   That’s it – you’ll be entered into the relevant main draws as well as the mega raffle!

4. If you buy your ticket online, we’ll email you to let you know if you have one. If you buy your ticket in store, remember to keep your ticket safe and check the results page here. Results of the daily draws are available at 9pm Tue-Saturday. Mega Raffle results are available at 9pm on the 1st of the month.

What if I buy entries into several draws?

If in a single transaction, you buy entries in to draws covering two months (e.g. a daily draw in September and another for a date in October) you will receive one entry into the September Mega Raffle (drawn on 1st October) and one entry in the October Mega Raffle (drawn on 1stNovember), as well as your normal daily draw entry.

Mega Raffle Ticket Codes

Players should note that valid Mega Raffle ticket codes may begin with either IW, IM, SD, EH,PH, PZ or PO. The code format will depend on whether the Health Lottery ticket is purchased online or, if in retail, which payment terminal the store used to produce the ticket.  All eligible Mega Raffle tickets bearing any of these codes will be entered into the appropriate draw.

Raffle Code Examples:


Why play Mega Raffle?

Well, apart from the fact that you now have more chances to win with The Health Lottery, as every £1 ticket also gives you automatic entry into the monthly Mega Raffle, you are also helping raise even more money to fund grass roots charities across the UK, with over £100 million raised so far. To find out more about the money raised, see here.


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