Mega Raffle | Buy a £1 ticket - you're automatically entered into the Mega Raffle! £3.75 million already won.

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The Mega Raffle – explained!

Please note: On 1st March 2020 the Health Lottery’s monthly Mega Raffle was replaced with two weekly £100,000 free prize draws.  The final Mega Raffle draw took place on this date.

What is the Mega Raffle?

In addition to the five weekly lottery draws every month, each community lottery runs a Mega Raffle draw on the 1st day of the following month.  This Mega Raffle is for a guaranteed cash prize of £250,000.

Unlike a lottery draw, the Mega Raffle winner is drawn from within the pool of entrants.  This means there will always be a winner!

How do I enter?

For each £1 spent on any Health Lottery game (weekly draws, QuickWin draws or scratch cards), you will also automatically earn a Mega Raffle entry.  You do not need to take any further action to enter, irrespective of how you purchased your ticket.

Can you buy lottery tickets online? Yes, You may purchase online via this website, via a direct debit subscription, or from any of the 32,000 participating retailers. 

For each payment transaction you will receive one Mega Raffle code, which will appear in the “my account” section of the website for online purchases and will be printed on retail tickets. This code will be entered into the Mega Raffle draw multiple times, according to the amount of money spent on your purchase.

Your Mega Raffle code will be entered into the next available Mega Raffle, according to the month in which your lottery entries are drawn.  For example, a £1 line purchased for an April lottery draw would earn a Mega Raffle entry for 1st May.


What are my odds of winning?

Your odds of winning the Mega Raffle are dependent on how many entries we receive each month.  This means that the more Health Lottery tickets you purchase, the greater your chances are of winning!

IMPORTANT: Regardless of whether you have a single Mega Raffle code entered into a draw multiple times, or several Mega Raffle codes entered once each, your odds of winning remain exactly the same.


Where can I find the Mega Raffle results?

The winning Mega Raffle code is published on the Results page of this website, and on The Health Lottery’s Twitter and Facebook pages.  It is also published by the Daily Express, the Daily Star, and the Daily Mirror.

If you have purchased your Health Lottery ticket from a retailer, you will also be able to scan it instore, to see if you are a Mega Raffle winner.


How Mega Raffle Ticket Codes work

Valid Mega Raffle ticket codes may begin with either EH, IM, IW, PH, PO, PZ ,SD or GA . The code prefix depends on whether the Health Lottery ticket is purchased online or, if in retail, which payment terminal the store used to produce the ticket.

The code prefix makes no difference to your odds of winning the Mega Raffle. 

Good luck!

The Health Lottery is not a single national lottery, but a collection of 12 community lotteries operating under a common brand.  Each operates in rotation for one month, raising money to help tackle health inequalities at a local grassroots level.

See the charity lottery rules for more information.

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