How Do Random Number Generators Determine Internet Lottery Results

How Do Random Number Generators Determine Internet Lottery Results?

So you registered for your online lottery account, you’ve bought your ticket online and you’ve picked your numbers, the draw has taken place, what next? The next step in playing internet lottery is checking your numbers to see if you have won. You may wonder though, how are the numbers picked, how is it regulated, and how do you read and understand exactly what the online results mean? These are all really great questions! Let’s explore how the internet lottery works and how it ensures that everyone has a fair chance at winning.

What is a Random Number Generator?

The first step in understanding how the internet lottery works is knowing how the numbers are chosen at random. Let’s look at how the Health Lottery uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to choose the winning numbers for QuickWin lottery draws. An RNG chooses numbers at random that are not reached by mathematical computations or computer algorithms. These numbers are also not linked with a mathematical equation, as that would effectively ruin the random factor of the draw and would corrupt the results of the game.

Throughout history, people have sought to leave things to chance and have used throwing dice, shuffling cards, and coin flipping, among other methods to randomly choose outcomes of games, bets, decisions, and much more. The Random Number Generator is simply the most modern version of these devices.

However, this form of chance can only be fair if it is truly random. In order to ensure that game play is fair and equal for all, the Gambling Commission requires that each and every RNG be monitored. This is achieved through periodic reports and a back-end process that stores and reports on the game data of each draw or game played. Each time an error is reported, it must be confirmed, then a report must be filed. The Gambling Commission also conducts an annual audit to ensure that all games are operating fairly and equally. Offline and online lottery rules are the same in this regard: all winning numbers must be chosen randomly! 

How Do You Find Game Results?

Now that you understand how the winning numbers are drawn, let’s take a look at how to see if you have won. There are a couple of ways to do this; one of the easiest is to check your email. The Health Lottery not only sends you an email verifying your ticket for the upcoming draw, but we also send you an email notifying you if you have won. Per lottery rules, we also post all of the winning numbers online at the time of the draw. These numbers remain on the website until the next draw occurs. You can also find the results on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Each account also has a transaction history that can be viewed when players are logged into their account. If you have won a prize less than £250, then your winnings will automatically be credited into you online wallet, at which point you can withdraw them to your debit card at any time.

At the time of the draw, the Random Number Generator will select the numbers live. If you are playing QuickWin online, these will then be displayed via video on the website as a graphic of a machine drawing numbers. The numbers will be chosen from a system of pre-recorded graphics that are displayed automatically by the computer as the numbers are picked by the generator. Once the numbers are displayed, players can compare them to the numbers on their physical or digital tickets; based on the number of matches, they will be eligible for the prize listed on the chart based on how many winning numbers they have. 

Putting Random Number Generators to Work

RNGs can do more than just determine the winning numbers for the lottery. When you say “I want to buy my lottery ticket online but I don’t want to choose my own numbers”, the Random Number Generator determines your Quick Pick numbers. Alternatively, you can randomise a set of numbers yourself using a third-party RNG, such as a customisable dice roller set to 1-50. If you don’t have your own “lucky numbers” you can let chance take the wheel and hope that your random numbers are the ones that hit it big.

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